Warrior Names Taken Literally by Briarpaw

Briarpaw shares what some names in the series make them think about. How do you feel about these cats’ names?

Art by rookflower (tumblr)

‘Sup folks, it’s Ria here! I’ve been in the mood to write articles so that’s what you’ve been seeing 😛

I was scrolling through the articles on the old Blog a few months ago when two particular articles caught my eye.

They were written by Winterpaw/breeze, and about Warriors cats names taken literally. I thought they were both hilarious, so I decided to make one of my own! Hopefully it lives up to the other two’s standards. And at the end I’ll tell you guys my favorite names (just like in Winterpaw’s second article about this)!

Since TBC wasn’t out yet at the time the article was made, many of the names I chose are from that arc, so I have fresh material. Also, I think the newer names are becoming more diverse!

This article is not intended to downplay warrior names, I really like the style of them and I think they’re pretty unique, especially the Tribe names!


Bristlefrost- very pretty name but I just think of a cat with its fur frozen and sticking out all over the place.

Snaptooth- I guess he can snap his jaw shut pretty fast. You guys had better watch out.

Turtlecrawl- Wow, can any cat be slower than that?

Snail- oop- never mind

Plumstone- has it occured to anyone else that this cat is named after a plum pit?

Greeneyes- hey, can anyone guess the eye color of this cat?

Flipclaw- guys! This cat’s claws are upside down!

Hollowbelly- oh no! This cat’s hungry!

Loudbelly- this cat is hungry too! Only he wants everyone to know it…

Antpelt- that sounds so uncomfortable.

Foxheart- her name is a literal insult.

Twigbranch- Wow, a twig. On a branch . What could be more exciting?

Prickleface- Med cat! This cat stuck their face in a thornbush!

Talonpaw- A talon, or a paw? Choose , for StarClan’s sake!

Poppycloud- flowers can grow in the sky!

Ferncloud- scratch that, all plants can grow in the sky!

Cloudrunner- this cat can run in the clouds… but how does he get there?

Chasing Clouds- I see he and Cloudrunner have the same objective… interesting…

Squirrelflight- I guess animals can go see the plants in the sky. But can they get to them?

Honeypelt- he’s pretty sticky, I guess.

Honeyfur- gosh, same with her…

Sneezecloud- achoo!

Oatspeckle- nice, but this cat makes me think of bread.

Burr- Pardon me, are you Aaron Burr, sir?

Bluewhisker- great name!… Except that this is a white and yellow cat we’re talking about, not a blue one.

Elderkit- Isn’t it a little early to retire, kit?!

Fierce- we get it. Don’t mess with you.

Flailfoot- this cat’s feet are weapons. That might be a problem.

Hammerclaw- this cat’s claws are problems. That might be worse. (btw, Hammerclaw is the name Tigerclaw originally had, but it was changed last minute when someone thought out loud that cats might not know what a hammer is.)

Domino- pizza, anyone?

Okay, now for my favorite names!

– SIlverstream- very pretty!
– Honeyfern- also very pretty!
– anything with Lily- you can’t not sound pretty here. Even Lilysnout sounds kind of pretty.
– Redwillow- so pretty! (Gosh, Briar, we know you’re into pretty names. Just get over it.)
– Sunstrike- that sounds so… I don’t know how to say it, but it gives the beautiful and fierce vibe.
– Brightheart- her story is so sad and it perfectly matches her aaaa

Alright, I’m gonna end it there. I really enjoyed writing this so if I remember to and I have the motivation, I’ll make a part 2. Ria out!

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