My favorite character from least to greatest by Kestrelsong

Kestrelsong lists their favourite characters from the series. Are any of these cats on your list?

Art by PheoSiana

Okay so all these characters are my favorite but some are of course higher on than others! This is my opinion so if you like hate any of these characters thats fine!!!
10. Crowfeather
I know Crowfeather can be a jerk sometimes but he’s still great! Im planning to read Crowfeather’s trial so that will probably be great!
9. Leafpool
I love how calm she is! She is also kind and when she had to give up her kits i felt her pain!
8. Ivypool
I felt her pain when she found out about Tigerheart x Dovewing! Also when Dovewing left to live in Shadowclan! She was also a great mentor for Twigpaw who you will also see on this list!
7. Rain
I know Rain was evil and all but he was kinda cool! He ment so much to poor Needletail who you will also see on the list.
When he died Needletail lost her like whole personality and Violetpaw had to help her get through everything. You will also see vioeltpaw on this list!
6. Yellowfang
I know she was REALLY ugly but looks arent everything! I felt so bad for her when the whole Brokenstar thing nearly destroyed Shadowclan! She had the courgage to kill her own son for the greater good!
Jayfeather is great! I feel for him! Poor cat has to live without seeing anything!!!! The whole Half-moon thing was real sad!!
4. Twigbranch
Poor cat! Rowanstar just took her away from Violetkit!! Her realationship with Alderheart is so sweet! Alderheart will also appear on this list
3. Violetshine
She got taken away from Twigkit Then Poor cat got taken to the rouges territory with Needletail! Then she had to get back to shadow clan and then when she finally settles in again She get taken by the rouges again! Then her only friend needletail just dies!!!! Then she finally gets settled in with twigpaw and then everything else happened with tree and skyclan and stuff.
2. Needletail
Needletail is hecka cool! She became one of my favorites on Alderpaw’s quest to find Skyclan, and i really think Alderheart x Needletail should have been a thing… Her death was so sad!!! She sacrificed her self for Violetpaw! She really shouldnt have died!!!!
1. Alderheart
Alderheart is my all time favorite character! He is so charming when he gets nervous and I feel for him! For some reason Alderheart is my favorite character!
Okie that all thank you for reading and may Starclan light yo path!

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  • Crowfeather=Decent
    Rain=Who in the world is he
    Twigbranch=Reminds me of my twin exept we are together
    Violetshine=Kind of like me
    Alderheart= Rocks

  • IVYSTAR, IVYSTAR!!! Also I agree with Jayfether, Yellowfang and Needletail. Jayfeather is just great and is the only actually useful cat from the three in my opinion. Yellowfang is just cool and I like the grumpy, moody cats (as you can see). I also really like Needletail, it was great to see a break in the perfect characters that all love starclan, we haven’t seen a good rebel since the first prophecy.
    I think that next leader after Bramblestar should be Ivypool.
    Sorry for the length.

  • Crowfeather=LOVE
    Leafpool=She’s alright, I really like her, but not as much as any other
    Ivypool=LOVE so much
    Twigbranch=She’s alright, I really like her, but not as much as any other
    Violetshine=YES LOVE
    Needletail=LOVE LOVE so MUCH
    Alderheart=Ew no

  • Crowfeather=Nah
    Yellowfang=The greatest!
    vypool=No idea who they are
    Rain=Who in the world is he
    Jayfeather=Kind of like him, kind of don’t
    Twigbranch=No idea who they are
    Violetshine=No idea who she is, on TPoTs
    Alderheart= No idea who he is, on TPoTs

  • Crowfeather: YES
    Yellowfang: yes
    Ivypool: HECK YEAH BEST
    Rain: I hate him.
    Jayfeather: Cool
    Twigbranch: Yes!!
    Violetshine: I love her~~!!!!
    Alderheart: my baby alderheart!!

  • Crowfeather = So many options l could never explain. Leafpool = Omigosh, sometimes l don’t really love her, but l will always cherish her compassion, wisdom, skill, belief& faith in Starclan, spirit, sensitivity to other cats , especially the ones she is super close to, like Squirrelflight and her father. Also, courage , despite all the heartbreak she had to suffer. Yellowfang = SUPERSTAR, I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND SHE IS SO LOYAL, AND SHARP- TOUNGED !!! Also, she saved a Cinderpelt and gave her a new life . Ivypool = Basically, story of my life . Rain= NOOO, Needletail, you uhm, deserve better than a bloody- thirsty cat, but l know you loved each other- 😢. Jayfeather= I don’t really think so… Twigbranch= I really like her! Viloteshine= Love, love, love. My second favorite on this list. Alderheart = Adorable! So lively, bright, eager, loyal, gentle, awesome.

  • Crowfeather=Okay
    Ivypool= Decent!
    Rain= Okay!
    Alderheart=Literally my favorite character in the whole thing