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Characters i hate from least to greatest by Kestrelsong

Kestrelsong shares their least favourite characters from the series. Do you agree with their list?

Artwork by AlbinoWolf58

We will be starting out with characters that I dont like to much but in the end we will be looking at some terrible characters. This does not include evil cats cause they are obvious. This is my opinion so if you like any of these characters then thats okay.
10. Sparkpelt
Dont get me wrong Sparkpelt is a great warrior but sometimes she kinda bugs me.. In the first vision of shadows book she always rubbed her fresh kill and poor Alderpaw’s face! When he becomes a medicine cat she tries to make him feel better but all she really does is make it worse honestly…. and she is kinda rude to Twigpaw!
9. Feathertail
Dont get me wrong i love Crowpaw x feathertail stuff and her death was really sad, but sometimes she just seems a little too perfect! We might get a second side of her in a shadow in Riverclan but im only talking about the quest to find midnight. Crowpaw’s love for her seemed more live an Omigod she’s pretty thing. I think he was much better with Leafpool honestly.
8. Millie
Again she’s a good person but i think Graystripe is better with Silverstream. When her kit Briarpaw breaks her spine she seems a little over protective. Maybe instead of making feel loved Maybe she should have made her feel as if she belonged,
but hey at least she didnt rename her halfcrippledpaw *cough* Rainflower
7. Purdy
DONT GET ME WRONG I like Purdy he’s nice and his death was real sad, but the way he talks is kinda strange…. He talks like an old twoleg with no teeth more than a cat, and even when he stomach really hurt he still didnt see The medicine cats! If he had just gone to the medicine cat’s den he probably would have lived!!!!
6. Cherryfall
Cherryfall seems nice in the first vision of shadows book but that comment she said about poor Twigpaw in Darkest night really bugs me! How could she say that! Okay I know im defending twigpaw in a lot of these but cmon she needs to be defended!
5. Bramblestar
Not the imposter the normal Bramblestar. He doesnt pay any ind to his own son and he kinda just kinda seems to really be picking favorites….. alot!
4. Onestar
JUST BECAUSE HE’S WORRIED ABOUT HIS AFTERLIFE doesnt mean he can let almost every cat in Shadowclan or back out of battle just because Darktail was tricking him into backing out!!!! He just really got on my nerves in Thunder and shadow
and in shattered sky!!!!!
3. Mapleshade
I know i said im not including evil cats but Mapleshade is misunderstood not evil! She tricks Crookedkit into losing everything but his own clan!!! She really gets on my nerves!!!!
2. Ashfur
So in Long shadows he threatens to kill poor Squirrelflight’s “kits” , pushing her to her limit and finally telling him the truth. Infront of her “kits”! I know he’s the imposter i dont know if he really is cause i need to catch up on the broken code, but I know he will end up being the imposter!!!!!! How could he!?! The nerve of this guy!
1. Rainflower
STARCLAN I HATE HER! She just ARGH!!! She used to call Stormkit her handsom little warrior, but when he breaks his jaw she changes his name to crookedkit!!!! Then start picking favorites and just totally ignores Crookedkit and starts calling Oakkit her handsom little warrior and only pays attention to Oakkit! Thats not all though Mapleshade as I just explained ruined crookedstar’s life! She was attracted to him because he was neglected!!! So if Rainflower would have just simply not changed his name and love both her kits Crookedstar’s life would have been fine although he wouldnt have been leader.
Okay all this complaining wears me out hope you enjoyed!

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