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The top 5 saddest warrior cat books by Streampaw

Streampaw shares some of the saddest books from the series.

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Hi cats it’s Streampaw and today I am writing an article about the top 5 saddest warrior cat books. This article is my opinion and you may have different opinions. If I don’t say a book that you thought was sad, tell me in the comments. There are going to be major *SPOILERS* for all arcs.
Let’s get started!
Honorable mentions:
Forest of Secrets
Yellowfang’s Secret
5. A Dangerous Path
This is the only book on this list that I didn’t cry while reading. But it is still sad. Quick Summary: Tigerstar leads a loose dog pack to Thunderclan, hoping to kill them. Okay, so this book proves how far Tigerstar would go to get rid of Thunderclan and Fireheart (Firestar). Here are the deaths in this book: Bluestar (drowned) and Brindleface (murdered by Tigerstar), and Swiftpaw (killed by dogs) Another thing about this book that is sad is that Bluestar slowly was losing her mind because of Tigerstar’s betrayal.
4. Crookedstar’s Promise
This book is sad. I think we can all agree that Rainflower is a terrible mother after Crookedkit broke his jaw. In case you didn’t know, this book is a super edition and all 490 pages of it is sad. Quick Summary: This book follows Crookedstar’s life in Riverclan from Stormkit, to Crookedkit, to Crookedstar. Here are the deaths in this book: Duskwater (died in the flood), Brightsky and her 3 kits (fever), Rainflower (head injury), Shellheart (sickness), Hailstar (rat bites), Graypool’s kits (sickness), Tanglewhisker (unknown), Willowbreeze and her 2 kits (greencough), and Silverstream (kitting). Wow that’s a lot of deaths. Beside the deaths, Rainflower rejects Crookedkit because of the way he looks with his jaw.😿
3. The Darkest Hour
The last book of the first arc, this book is similar to The Last Hope. Quick Summary: Firestar has to drive out Tigerstar but he forms Tigerclan, putting the clans in danger. Deaths:
Stonefur (killed by Darkstripe and Blackfoot), Gorsepaw (killed by Tigerstar), Tigerstar (killed by Scourge), Darkstripe (killed by Graystripe), Bone (killed by the apprentices), Scourge (killed by Firestar), and Whitestorm (killed by Bone). By far, the saddest deaths in this book is Whitestorm’s and Stonefur’s. They both died protecting someone or the clan.
2. Path of Stars
This book I cried my eyes out. This book contained the saddest death in any book that I have ever read. No joke. It’s the last book of the Dawn of the Clans. Quick Summary: Slash and his rogues are demanding for prey from the group cats. This is the book where the Clans get named. Deaths: This book is sad because of the deaths. Gray Wing (sickness) is the only death I can remember in this book. Tell me if I am wrong. Gray Wing’s death is so sad because he knew he was going to die and so did his family and friends. His friends and family came to say goodbye to him and it was heartbreaking that he had to die. His kits didn’t understand what was going on and that made it sadder. Rest in Starclan Gray Wing😢
1. The Last Hope
I think everyone can agree that this is the saddest warrior book. There are too many deaths and Firestar’s death is very sad. Summary: The Clans must join together to defeat The Dark Forest. Deaths: Beetlewhisker (killed by Brokenstar), Redwillow (killed by Blackstar), Shredtail (killed by Lionblaze), Hollyleaf (killed by Hawkfrost), Mousefur (murdered), Spottedleaf (killed by Mapleshade), Ferncloud (killed by Brokenstar), Brokenstar (killed by Yellowfang), Hawkfrost (killed by Brambleclaw), Tigerstar (killed by Firestar), and Firestar (wounds). Please be aware that there are probably multiple other deaths that I did not mention. I thought Firestar’s death and Hollyleaf’s death was the saddest. What do you think was the saddest death in this book?

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