Why SandxFire is better than SpottedxFire by Silver_Leaf

Silver_Feather discusses two of Firestar’s relationships from the series.

Art by Vialir (separate; unknown editor)

Hi everyone! I’m Silver_Feather, and this is the first article I’ve written, so please don’t judge and give me hate comments. Today I am going to give my opinions about an ongoing argument: SandxFire V.S. SpottedxFire. (Please note that even the start is very normal, the ending is going to be very… shouty)
Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you. I’m a hardcore shipper of SandxFire and I completely disagree with SpottedxFire. Why? Spottedleaf to me is a mary-sue. *hides at the boos* SpottedxFire is a type of relationship that is like “OMG. She’s so pretty!” to me and doesn’t anyone realize about the age difference? Sure there are many ships that are age different, but this one for me goes completely out of order. And Firestar has only met her for about… 2 days, before she died. To me, I just don’t understand why Firestar doesn’t give her up. She’s DEAD, for StarClan’s sake!! I was rereading Firestar’s quest for the third time when I started to think: Does Firestar love Spottedleaf or Sandstorm more? If he actually loved Sandstorm, he wouldn’t still be mooning over Spottedleaf like a kit following it’s mother. At some part, Spottedleaf said to Firestar: “I’d give anything for things to be different.”. Sure, Sandstorm was acting very hot-headed, but she has the right to be. Firestar was a little (not a little!) too nice to Spottedleaf! How would you feel if you say your boyfriend mooning over his ex? If it was me, I would be 20 times worse than Sandstorm was! In that scene, Spottedleaf and Firestar was like flirting with each other! A living and a dead FLIRTING WITH EACH OTHER?! I don’t understand why Spottedleaf is acting like Firestar is in love with her, when they only met for TWO DAYS!!! And he mentions her WAAAAY to much. You don’t believe me?

“Leafkit – named after Leafstar, also Spottedleaf”
“Don’t you wish Spottedleaf were with you right now?” The question took Firestar by surprise. What would it be like to have the StarClan medicine cat by his side? Would she be able to convince him that he was doing the right thing?”

And another part that just confuses and angers me. WHY does Firestar say that Spottedleaf has sweet breath and SCENT? What does she eat? TOOTHPASTE? What did she do to make her smell so ‘sweet’? Dump a pile of shampoo in a bathtub and roll into it? That’s just unfair. *deep breaths* And, I just hate how he talks about her every single time he thinks about medicine cat. Why would he choose between his CHILDHOOD crush and his LONG-TIME mate? Think about it. It’s just wrong. To be honest, I was literally happy-crying when I was on the scene where Spottedleaf dies for the second time.
And don’t you think that Firestar overreact when Spottedleaf dies? He SOBBED for StarClan’s sake! I don’t even think he had even CRIED for Sandstorm when she ever got hurt very badly. He even said that Spottedleaf promised that she would be there in StarClan to welcome him? Seriously? The first thing he talks about is Spottedleaf this, Spottedleaf that. Please, Firestar. A bit of love for Sandstorm, your real mate?? And seriously, when he needed to make the deputy, he wanted Spottedleaf to help him. Why didn’t he just go and look for Sandstorm for help instead of a dead cat who only replies that he has to choose himself?? AND, I hate she just acts like: “Peace, dear one…” it’s just so annoying. She’s the type of a goody-two-shoes and I don’t like it when she is just describe as beautiful and has a sweet scent to everyone. After reading this part, you’re probably thinking: “Why is Firestar still pretending to be Sandstorm’s mate when he loves Spottedleaf even more?” No and no. Just listen: Firestar obviously loves Sandstorm a lot more than Spottedleaf. You don’t believe me?

“He raced downriver, scrambling over rocks slick with water. Desperately he scanned the banks and the surging water, convinced that every scrap of tossing debris might be his beloved mate. Standing on a boulder, he stared down at the black, gurgling water a tail-length below. If Sandstorm was dead, he would never, ever forgive himself. Whatever had happened to her, if she was drowned or lying injured somewhere, it was his fault. He let out a whimper of grief. How could he have let Sandstorm believe that he would rather have been with Spottedleaf? It was Sandstorm he loved, and he would do anything to live the time over again and send her across the tree trunk first.

Overall, I’m just going to say: Please don’t hate me because this is my true opinion of Spottedleaf. I love Sandstorm and Firestar and I hope I managed to convince you that their relationship is better tan SpottedxFire. Thank you and please don’t judge.

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