If the Hunger games characters were warriors (a personality comparison) by Rockpelt

Rockpelt compares characters from the series to those from the popular dystopian trilogy, the Hunger Games.

Hello! Rockpelt here for my first ever article! The inspiration for this article came from me browsing through the other articles in blogclan. I saw a lot of comparisons of the warrior cat characters to other TV/ book series characters. I noticed one was missing. The other incredibly violent book series in our lives! So here goes my comparison of warrior cat characters to the Hunger Games characters!

(WARNING: Spoilers for all the warriors series and the hunger games series including Ballad of Songbirds and snakes)

Let’s start with the antagonist of the series.

Coriolanus Snow – Darktail

Before I explain why I chose Darktail I should probably mention how close I was to choosing Ashfur. Ashfur made a little bit of sense in my mind. Before I read Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Ashfur would never have even crossed my mind, but when Lucy Gray left Snow all I could see was the resemblance to Ashfur and how much his evil increased after the event, but now I should probably explain darktail. He was power hungry and ruled with an iron fist. Both Snow and Darktail shared these qualities. They also both killed anyone who got in their way.

Lucy Gray – Squirrelflight

Both had an energetic spirit that caused them to cause a laugh, but when it came down to it could survive against the odds.

Katniss – Ivypool

Both fought for their lives in brutal surroundings. (arena/darkforest) They survived by the skin of their teeth and were forced to kill others for their own survival. My second opinion for Katniss would have been Dovewing mostly because of the whole “Everything and everyone I love is falling apart or dying but all I can think about is two guys.”

Gale – Bramblestar

No matter how much I hate Gale and love Bramblestar I can’t deny the resemblance. They both can seriously fight, but can be a little harsh sometimes.

Peeta – Alderheart

That strange kid that can’t fight and would rather paint. I found Alderheart a perfect match as he also can’t fight and would rather work with nature, a skill Peeta shows an amazing talent for. Both second guess themselves and have no fighting skills whatsoever but somehow manage to survive through a lot.

Prim – Leafpaw/pool

I found leafpaw would be a better fit than leafpool. Both have a sister to protect them, and would much rather heal than fight. Leafpool went through so much that her maturity level exceeded much past Prim’s. So I fell back on Leafpaw who hadn’t developed as much maturity.

(Spoiler warning end)

This concludes my article. I hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to comment your own opinion!

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