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What if . . . Bristlefrost and Rootspring becomes mates? by Midnightshadow

Midnightshadow wonders what would happen if Bristlefrost and Rootspring joined the list of forbidden romances in the series.

Art by Nova-Shadow26

Hello! This is Midnightshadow speaking here, and i know what you’re thinking, what if Bristlefrost and Rootspring becomes mates? well the only book i read of the broken code was veil of shadows, so i don’t really know much. But here are my theorys!

Theory 1

Bristlefrost and Rootspring will keep on meeting each other, until Bristlefrost is expecting kits. Rootspring will be panicked and terrified since he is only a young warrior and isn’t ready to be a warrior. Ivypool will be upset but will also be worried since Bristlefrost is very young, this is the same for Fernsong, but he will be there for Bristlefrost every step of the way. The clans will be upset and surprised also. There might be many cats that will gossip and spread rumors about Rootspring and Bristlefrost. Rootspring will forever be dissapointed in himself for having kits with Bristlefrost.

Theory 2.

Bristlefrost will break up with Rootspring sooner or later. Rootspring might get a little depressed, but will MIGHT understand why Bristlefrost broke up with him.

last but not least… *Drum roll*

Theory 3!

Rootspring gets Bristlefrost pregant with his kita. At first, Bristlefrost doesn’t know that she’s pregant, but as weeks go by, she gets anxious due to her body size. Alderheart reveals she’s expecting kits. Bristlefrost is panicked, so is Rootspring. Instead of Ivypool finding out. Bristlefrost tells Fernsong, and begs of him to not tell anybody esle about it, Fernsong agrees. On the other hand with Rootspring, he says nothing because he is afraid of getting bullied again, he’s also afraid of his parents and sister finding out and being dissapointed. Bristlefrost has the kits, and her whole clan is surprised/ dissapointed in her. Fernsong and Ivypool, and her littermates defend her as some of her clanmates gossip and spread rumors about her.

I hope you all enjoyed since im running out of ideas for theories and such. But i’ll see you next time! ^^ I also hope you all have a wondeful day, night evening, afternoon. Etc! :3 Comment below what you think will happen, do you agree with my theories? i wanna know!


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