A Retrospect of Blogclan (from someone who was active in 2017) by Freespirit

Freespirit returns to the blog to share how the blog impacted their life.

Hello! Freespirit here. I was active on Blogclan back in 2017, when I was a lot newer to the ways of the internet (to give you a clue of how long ago that was, we were still on Chapter 21 of Trailing Stars! The story is amazing so far!). I fell out of interest in Warriors around 2018, mainly because as I grew up, my interests changed. I always loved coming on here, reading everyone’s posts, it was like I had found a home, a family, here in this internet clan. While my first fanfiction was based on Pokemon, and my first fandom was Hogan’s Heroes, the Warriors Cats fandom was the first place I actually really got into.

I credit this fandom, and especially Blogclan, for a lot of the talents and abilities I have now. If it weren’t for wanting to improve my blog writings, I never would have started to learn how to edit, and therefore never have found the passion I have now for writing. I also wouldn’t have discovered a love for fanworks and fanfiction, a passion that continues to this day. Recently, I even finished part one of my longest work yet, a 21 thousand word Hermitcraft fanfiction! If it weren’t for Blogclan sparking my love of writing, I would never have been able to write anything like that.

Another love I got through Blogclan was art! With the encouragement the Warriors fandom showed me, I continued to improve my drawing and can now draw things beyond cats, all in various poses. If you ever feel like giving up on your art, or that it’s not good enough, remember that you just need to practice every day. Writing, art, it’s all a talent, and this fandom is amazing about encouraging to show off what you create. Good, bad, it doesn’t matter. You just have to keep going.

Finally, Warriors, and Blogclan, provided a safe forum for me to learn how to use the internet. The internet is very dangerous, but it’s a part of our lives these days, for better or for worse. I learned what to say, and what not to say. I learned how to be positive, offer encouragement, and when to offer help. These skills that I learned here, have allowed me to remain safe and responsible, as a moderator and as a internet denizen.

Of course, it hasn’t always been easy sailing. When I first started looking on here, I was going through a lot of difficult times. This home reminded me of a reason to live each and every day. When I was yelled at, when I failed, when I felt like I would never improve, a cacophony of voices in this fandom told me I was strong. That I could do it. That tomorrow was another bright day. And three years later, in High School, looking at my future, I have to agree now.

These days, I’m known as CalmSheJaguar, not Freespirit. I moderate and participate in forums, for fandoms such as Hermitcraft, Truly Bedrock, and Star Wars Rebels. I’m not the person I used to be, and I’m not obsessed with Warriors Cats. To me though? That’s okay.

It’s okay to not love something like you used to.

It’s okay to leave a fandom.

People change, and that’s a good thing.

The most important thing is looking back and realizing, that good or bad, this fandom, these people, are why you are still around
today, as the person you are.

I am Freespirit. I am a person who may not read the books anymore, but I will always keep this fandom in my heart.

Thank you for everything, Blogclan.

[Embix edit: I wish you well wherever you go, Freespirit, and that you carry the freedom you felt here on the blog with you <3 We will always be here for whenever you want to pop your head back in to check!]

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