Why the real villain wasn’t Mapleshade by Wildpaw

Wildpaw shares why they think Mapleshade wasn’t the real villain of her story.

Art by Mizu-no-Akira

Hey again, Hey again. This article will be about how Mapleshade wasn’t the real villain. Anyway, I feel very strongly about this, and this will basically be my rampage on defending Mapleshade. Enjoy:

So, the only reason Mapleshade was evil is because of Ravenwing. Ravenwing the Medicine Cat. So, if you haven’t read Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Ravenwing is the old ThunderClan Medicine Cat who served under Oakstar’s leadership. So, one day, Mapleshade was watching her kits swim, and Ravenwing just happens to see it. Mapleshade begged him not to tell the clan, but he tells Oakstar anyway. This leads to why Oakstar was also a villain. He should have understood why Mapleshade lied. He should have known she would try to hide it, especially when you think that the kits father killed his son. But the thing is, Birchface, Oakstar’s son, fell of of Sunningrocks. Appledusk didn’t kill him. So anyway, Frecklewish is another villain. I have the feeling Oakstar would have given Mapleshade a different punishment had Frecklewish not interfered. She TOLD Oakstar to exile Mapleshade, leading to the death of Mapleshade’s kits. If Frecklewish hadn’t had interrupted Oakstar, Mapleshade might not have been exiled. This leads to why Appledusk is also a villain. After he saved Mapleshade from drowning, he told Mapleshade is was HER fault the kits died. He said that SHE, a THUNDERCLAN CAT, should have known their was a flood. How was a THUNDERCLAN CAT going to know there was a flood! For the last time, she’s from THUNDERCLAN! NOT RIVERCLAN! Appledusk and Darkstar kind of the into one in this. When Darkstar refuses to let Mapleshade join, Appledusk calls his relationship with her a MISTAKE! Mapleshade loved Appledusk enough, she tried to join RiverClan after she was exiled from ThunderClan, but then Appledumb calls his relationship a MISTAKE! Appledusk was her only reason left to live! SO, that set off the murder spree. Also, if you think about it, Mapleshade never killed Frecklewish. She was bitten by an Adder. Also, Appledusk never even asked for the names of his kits. Never even once!

If you have read all of this and are confused, honest I’m saying is Mapleshade is innocent.(kinda). It was Ravenwing who started everything. It was Frecklewish who demanded Mapleshade be exiled. It was Oakstar who listened to his daughter. It was Appledusk that pulled the final straws, saying it was Mapleshade’s fault the kits died, and then destroyed her last reason to live. So yeah. Thanks for reading my rampage.


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December 20, 2020 12:20 pm

Nice article! As for Oakstar…

In our eyes, our calm eyes, we can think that Oakstar was an idiot for not understanding Mapleshade. But when we are him, we don’t see that clearly. You don’t think Mapleshade had a wondrous reason for saying a lie that involves your dead son. You think the stupid cat used your son as an excuse, and she loved the cat who killed him.

For Frecklewish, maybe she did really think the kits were safe. Anyway, again, in our eyes, she overreacted. But in her eyes, it was absolutely obnoxious. The stupid excuse for a ThunderClan warrior used your brother.

And then for Appledusk, it is true that it’s Mapleshade’s fault the kits died. I’m not a RiverClan cat, or living beside the water or anything, but I think I can recognize a coming flood, and have the brains to know the simple equation:
Kits + Flooding river = death
It’s true Apple x Maple’s relationship is a mistake. All forbidden ones are a mistake, if you think about it. A ‘mistake’ might be harsh, but it certainly isn’t right.
And for not asking for the kits’ names, what was Appledusk supposed to say? ‘Oh, by the way, Mapleshade, what were the kits’ names?’ Honestly. He was probably exiled along with Mapleshade if he didn’t act the way he did.

And you say Mapleshade was innocent. No, she isn’t. Having a sob story doesn’t justify killings. And Mapleshade cornered Frecklewish to the Snakerocks, making the adder bite Frecklewish. Because she’d also killed Ravenwing, she died. So this can lead to the conclusion Mapleshade was Frecklewish’s killer.

And maybe Oakstar would’ve exiled Mapleshade, even if Frecklewish didn’t say so. He was the direct kin of Birchface, so…

Honestly. Ravenwing was doing his job, Frecklewish was angry, and Oakstar was angry as well. Appledusk probably regretted it, wanted to stay in RiverClan, so he lied.
They did break the warrior code, and I’m not saying Oakstar’s the best for distantly killing three innocent kits, but simply breaking the warrior code doesn’t make you a villain.

I believe Mapleshade was the true villain, and the others were those who made wrong choices.

John Doe
John Doe
January 2, 2021 10:54 am

Floods… are pretty obvious. Also, you’re excusing murders by saying they’re out of grief, but apparently exile is too much? According to your logic, Oakstar should’ve killed Mapleshade and Appledusk. Also, that adder was obviously a trap. That’s like saying a poison dart trap isn’t the fault of the person who made it.

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