Best Super Edition Ever? by Emberheart

Emberheart shares their list of the best super editions in the series

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Being someone’s who’s read almost every super edition, I think I have a pretty experienced opinion on this. Bluestar’s Prophecy: I think Kate and Vicky agree that this is the best warriors super edition. I have a ranking, please note that I haven’t read Mapleshade’s vengeance so if it’s not up here, just tell me where you think it deserves to be.

Bluestar’s Prophecy [This is an absolutely amazing book because Bluestar is a wonderful and easily relatable character, and I have a soft spot for books that make me cry five times in public!]

Crookedstar’s Promise [I LOVE Mapleshade’s backstory and I also really relate to and fall in love with books where the main character isn’t good with relationships and I also LOVE deception… I hate Rainflower, she is evil. :P]

Tallstar’s Revenge [Okay, I really like having an inside look at WindClan because they’re so different from the other clans with tunneling and moor running, and their weird way of hunting… Again, I have a problem with how much I like characters with family issues and really sad parts.Tallstar X Jake is great.]

Yellowfang’s Secret [Yellowfang has always been one of my favorite characters, and seeing her young and naive was very interesting to me. It really gives you a new perspective on the grumpy old medicine cat.]

Firestar’s Quest [Sandstorm and Firestar arguing always gets me! Sandstorm is just so sassy and I was on Power of Three when I read this one, so I missed Firestar’s perspective]

SkyClan’s Destiny [I really thought this one was good because SkyClan is still figuring thighs out on how to be a clan and don’t have a lot of cats. I also like the relationship between Leafstar and Billystorm because Leafstar is such a complicated character.]

Hollyleaf’s Story [Oh come on! Hollyleaf X Fallen Leaves. SO CUTE!]

Bramblestar’s Storm [I love Jesse and I feel like everything would be better if Squirrelflight chose Ashfur while Bramblestar went with Jesse. Sorry!]

Crowfeather’s Trial [I love Crowfeather and it’s nice to see other sides of Breezepelt for a change.] Squirrelflight’s Hope [Idk… it’s not as good as the other ones but if it wasn’t up here people would be MAD.]

Leafpool’s Wish [It was good to know how Leafpool felt through this but it was so short of a book.]

Anyway, Jayfeather should have a super edition! MORE JAYFEATHER CONTENT I LOVE HIM! JayXStick JayXBriar JayXHalf Oh gosh Jayfeather’s a floosie…

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  • I fully agree with this BP is the best!
    As for Mapleshade’s Vengeance, that one has a deep rabbit hole of opinions there…

  • Great article! I’ve read SkyClan’s Destiny but not Firestar’s Quest, so I should probably read that one soon. I’ve been wanting to.

  • I disagree with your opinion that JessyxBramble and SquirrelxAsh should’ve happened. I hate Jessy and Ashfur, maybe if Ashfur were still alive they should’ve ended together.

  • I disagree that Jessy x Bramble
    Jessy just downright moved her nest next to Bramblestar when he had a living mate,and Bramblestar was too weak in mind. Bramblestar never loved Jessy.

  • Great article! In my opinion Squirrelflight’s Hope is AMAZING… this was probably written before Graystripe’s vow came out but I love that one too

  • I disagree with your opinion on Bramblestar’s Storm because I think that bramblestar and Squirrelflight are a cute couple even though bramble could have rewarded her a bit better in squirrelflight’s hope. I don’t like Jessy because she was pretty annoying, saying things like “oh, I thought it would be okay if I took over the apprentices’ training” I just think bramblexsquirrel is cute overall.

  • Why is Bluestar’s Prophecy at the top?
    The book had way too little info for it to be over 300 pages
    Wasn’t Moonflower a terrible sister to GooseFeather ? I all felt was justice at her death , and Snowfur was annyoing and mean and was also a terrible sister and did the same thing her mother did.

    Wanna know what book that made me cry?
    Crowfeathers trial
    I cried when Breezepelt was being tormented by Berrynose and Spiderleg at the same time!
    They basically spoke out in a gathering (which is wrong) and Breezepelt was surroned by hostile stares from the other Clans. Give him a break! His mother just died and his clanmates wish he were dead and for his entire life he had no father by his side. Also Antpelt was like a brother to him until Ivypool killed him for good.

    That is far more sad then the deaths of terrible sisters