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Defending Ferncloud- Defense Article #1 by Moonspark

Moonspark shares their opinion on Ferncloud.

Art by ashkey

“What!? You must be insane! We’re talking about FERNCLOUD! You heard me. FERNCLOUD!” -Me after discovering that my sister hates Ferncloud.
All right, I really like Ferncloud. No-love her. She is probably 6th on my list of cats that I like.
But, I recently learned that Ferncloud was killed off because of fan-hate and I’m like, “What!?” That ticked me off. I have a short temper so when I say ticked off, I mean TICKED OFF. So I decided to write an article about Ferncloud.

People: “She had WAY too many kits!”
Me: “Uh, no? Think about it this way. Snowbird had more kits than Ferncloud and people hardly twitch an ear at Snowbird; however they complain about Ferncloud so much, like ‘Ferncloud had SO MANY KITS, WHY DIDN’T SHE JUST GIVE UP AND MOVE TO THE ELDERS’ DEN, TOO MANY KITS, SERIOUSLY, I’M HAPPY SHE DIED OMG, OMGOMGOMG!” Yeah. And as Sparktooth mentioned in the article “Ferncloud did NOT have too many kits! by Sparktooth”, in reality seven kids is not that rare. Very many cats in reality have seven kits, and I can name several mothers beside Ferncloud that had three litters; I’m just too lazy to name them. Also, I’m pretty sure Ferncloud fought and hunted for her Clan? Having “too many kits” does not equal laziness and failing to do anything.”

People: “She never fought or hunted for her Clan!”
Me: “As I mentioned above, she, in fact, did fight for her Clan. I have a new copy of The Last Hope at my side, so I can guarantee this is word for word.

”Hide!” Ferncloud thrust Brightheart and the kits deep into their nest as a Dark Forest tom reached through the tattered den wall. She slashed his muzzle, then grabbed a bunch of bramble stems in her teeth and dragged them across the top of the nest, covering the she-cat. “I won’t let any cat near!”

Ferncloud straddled Brightheart’s nest, slashing at a massive, dark brown tom. Spitting in fury, she darted for his throat. The warrior dodged and caught her scruff between his jaws. Snapping back his head, he dragged her from the den.
Ferncloud stared up at him in terror as he sank his teeth deep into her neck. With a grunt, she fell still.

This shows that she did indeed fight for her Clan. She is and was braver that she gets credit for.”

People: “She was lazy!”
Me: “No, she was not lazy. As an older sister, I know it is arguably hard to take care of cheeky, mischievous kids. And it’s probably even harder to take care of seven mischievous kits in a lifetime than one. I rest my case.”

People- “She failed to take care of the kits!”
Me- “As I mentioned above, it’s hard to take care of so many kits at once. And as for so many kits getting into trouble, such as Berrykit(nose), Jaykit, Hollykit, and Lionkit. it’s their fault if they got into trouble, not the queens’ fault, because the queens could have been busy. If they were busy there would be no blame on them because busy means not able to watch the kits. Many kits go on adventures because they are curious but it is their fault for not listening to their mothers. “

People-“She didn’t protect kits; she just pretended to!”
Me- “Yes, she did protect kits. As mentioned in the first quote, she was trying to protect ANOTHER CAT’S KITS. She is selfless and I really respect her for that. Also, it mentions in the second quote that Ferncloud died protecting Brightheart, an old friend and Clanmate. Since when is that pretending?”

People- “She didn’t take care of kits!”
Me- “See above.”

People- “Ferncloud wasted all her training!”
Me- “She didn’t. I believe that being a permanent queen suited Ferncloud better because of her gentle personality and Ferncloud chose to be one, and it’s her choice.”

(Oh, geez, now I’m talking like Ferncloud actually exists and the warrior Clans do..)

People- “She was useless!”
Me- “Since when is taking care of children the description of someone useless? In my mind, since NEVER. Warriors have to fight and hunt, yes, but taking care of kits is just as, if not more, hard as that.”

A long short paragraph on why you shouldn’t hate Ferncloud:
Ferncloud was kind, gentle, and helped take care of kits. She was a well-known queen, and it was her choice to become a permanent queen. I want to respect that. I think she deserves respect because if not for her, most of ThunderClan wouldn’t even have been born! She was kind and caring, and actually cared when her denmate *cough cough* disappeared. She made a good choice; her kind, understanding personality wouldn’t have made for a good warrior. She was not useless, nor weak, and I think that she doesn’t deserve such hate, and she at least loves Dustpelt and her kits unlike some cats. *cough Spiderleg cough* She is underrated and deserves to be more well-liked, especially since she was actually loyal, even though I’m a rebel, because we don’t need another forbidden relationship (see my previous article on that) because they have been a plot point for So.Many. Books. And. Arcs. and this is slightly repetitive. It’s basically just Forbidden relationship, forbidden relationship, forbidden relationship, and it’s starting to be tiring and as I said above, repetitive to be honest. It’s sad there can’t be a more creative plot, and forbidden relationships can get cringy, so I’m just glad it wasn’t another forbidden relationship. She obviously cares about ThunderClan and would stop at nothing to protect it.

”No cat is more dangerous than a queen.” -Lionblaze

Well that’s true, and I mentioned many of these things already, but she died protecting her old friend. She died for someone and to me, that in itself is something to be acknowledged and a reason not to hate her, or at least a reason to hate her less. She was very brave, and I think we can all admit, Ferncloud doesn’t deserve all this hate.
Phew, that was long! Other than the bad grammar, this is bad but not BAD.
Moonspark out!

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