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Ships: RATED ONE TO TEN by Emberheart

Emberheart rates some ships from the series. What do you think about these pairings?

Art by very.strawberry.arts

Here are some ships that took me FOREVER. They’re ranked from 0 to 10.
I would say tell me if I missed some but I would be kinda mad. I wrote 60 of these. It took 2 days.

Jayfeather X Stick: 10/10 [Do I even need to explain? He’s obsessed with it!]

Graystripe X Millie: 2/10 [I don’t like Millie, never have. She just seems like a copy of Silverstream and neglected her kits. Silverstream would never do that! I do have to give her some credit though, because anyone who makes mah boi Graystripe feel happy is kinda cool…]

Crowfeather X Feathertail: 5/10 [Okay, they loved each other, and don’t get me wrong, Feathertail was great, but it was kind of just a little crush kind of thing.]

Firestar X Spottedleaf: 6/10 [When Spottedleaf died, I was like: “No! Firestar loves you, don’t die!” but then after a while it was the same problem with Feathertail and Crowfeather. Just a little forbidden childhood crush.]

Jayfeather X Half Moon: 8/10 [The only reason this doesn’t get a 10 is because Half Moon thought Jayfeather was someone else (Jay’s Wing). If she knew who he really was, would she still love him?]

Jayfeather X Briarlight: 9/10 [However much I love this ship, it can’t make Jayfeather love Briarlight. He even said he needed a cat to share with, but Briarlight wasn’t that cat.]

Lionblaze X Heathertail: 6/10 [Okay, kind of a childhood crush and Lionblaze hates her. I ship it in the beginning when they’re just apprentices though.]

Bramblestar X Squirrelflight: 4/10 [Bramblestar mistreated Squirrelflight, they broke up, they wonkily got back together, Squirrelflight lied to him, Bramblestar left her like a total jerk… Can you see why I don’t really think they’re good mates? Bramblestar was a really good father to Jay Lion and Holly though and it was so cute.]

Ashfur X Squirrelflight: 5/10 [Yeah I know, this is more than Bramblestar and Squirrelflight got! I also think Ashfur should be in StarClan so… It’s just that Ashfur never mistreated her but Bramblestar did!]

Tigerstar X Darkstripe: 9/10 [Yessss. When Darkstripe joined the Dark Forest, he seeked out Tigerstar and when Tigerstar sent him away, he felt bad about it! Here I am thinking Tigerstar doesn’t care, but I guess he loves Darkstripe back!!!]

Tallstar X Jake: 10/10 [I absolutely love this ship. Kate Cary herself has even said Tallstar never took a mate or had kits, and also that his heart always belonged “to his Jake”. Kate has also said that in her head she sees Tallstar and Jake as mates.]

Crowfeather X Leafpool: 9/10 [Leafpool just doesn’t love him enough to leave her medicine cat duties, but I do think this is a better ship than Nightcloud and Feathertail combined, they will totally be together in StarClan!!!]

Crowfeather X Nightcloud: 1/10 [They don’t even love each other. ;-; Crowfeather is only with Nightcloud because

Brackenfur X Sorreltail: 10/10 [If you hate them you’re a monster.]

Cinderpelt X Firestar: 4/10 [This is cute and I love Cinderpelt more than almost any other cat, (I have a soft spot for medicine cats) but Firestar is twice her age and she was a medicine cat. If Cinderpelt didn’t mess up her leg, they actually might have been mates. Yes, I do believe they would’ve if Cinderpelt wasn’t forced into medicine cat- catting?]

Bluestar X Oakheart: 9/10 [This was cute but it only lasted one night, then she dumped her kits on him without even saying goodbye! Not to mention they don’t love each other in StarClan.]

Bluestar X Crookedstar: 5/10 [They were cute at the gatherings and Crookedstar thought about her a lot but it never would’ve happened. Crookedstar was too fixed on his clan and he had Willowbreeze (even if it was only for a short time ;-;) besides, Bluestar liked his brother.]

Cloudtail X Brightheart: 9.9/10 [The only reason I gave it a 9.9 instead of a 10 is, hear me out, Daisy. Yes, Daisy. When Cloudtail was hanging out with her, he didn’t even understand why Brightheart was upset. She thinks you like her, mouse-brain!]

Cloudtail X Daisy: 3/10 [Poor Brightheart. Could you imagine Cloudtail leaving her? She would have nothing. I feel bad for Daisy too, because this was kind of a one-way ship.]

Bramblestar X Jesse: 8/10 [Notice, this also got better than Bramblestar and Squirrelflight. So many things would be better if Bramblestar and Squirrelflight weren’t mates. Ashfur wouldn’t be crazy, Squirrelflight wouldn’t have revealed about her fake kits leaving Leafpool safe, Jesse wouldn’t have to leave…]

Firestar X Sandstorm: 10/10 [Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Sandstorm is so loyal to Firestar and she’s always worrying about him.]

Hollyleaf X Sol: 1/10 [No. Just no. She wanted to kill him!]

Hollyleaf X Fallen Leaves: 10/10 [Now this ship, I can get behind. Fallen Leaves has always been a great character, and he saved/protected Hollyleaf in the tunnels.]

Tallstar X Barkface: 5/10 [They were really good friends but I wouldn’t take it this far. I mean, maybe I would…]

Dustpelt X Sandstorm: 4/10 [This was just kind of a crush and relationship born of mockery ends of mockery. I just made that up but I stand by it.]

Dustpelt X Ferncloud: 10/10 [Ferncloud has like 80 kits. Oh. My. Gosh. But I do love the way Dustpelt acts around her.]

Lionblaze X Cinderheart: 7/10 [I mean, they’re mates. That’s all I can say. I never really liked the idea of Cinderheart. Cinderpelt should’ve been able to go to StarClan and meet Spottedleaf and see Yellowfang. But she didn’t get to see much of Spottedleaf before she died a second time.]

Blackstar X Sol: 9/10 [Sol got Blackstar down and picked him up. Blackstar clearly admired him, enough to practically make him leader. Giving him control of ShadowClan. He was so upset when he had to send Sol away.]

Tawnypelt X Rowanstar: 8/10 [Awwww Tawnypelt really deserved such a wonderful mate. Too bad it was a she-cat lol.]

Hawkfrost X Ivypool: 9/10 [Ivypool giveth respect. Hawkfrost giveth trust.]

Breezepelt X Jayfeather: 0/10 [This is a joke right? They’re half brothers…]

Stormfur X Brook: 10/10 [They gave up their whole worlds for each other! So cute!]

Sandstorm X Scourge: 0/10 [WHAT?!]

Snowtuft X Thistlefrost: 6/10 [Only really went one way. It’s sad, really. Thistlefrost wasn’t even sad when she was hit on the thunderpath…]

Bramblestar’s Imposter X Squirrelflight: 8/10 [Idk who the imposter is yet, but he actually cares about Squirrelflight and it’s kinda sad. It’s not Ashfur!!!]

Birchfall X Whitewing: 10/10 [Awww they love each other so much! I wish someone loved me that much…]

Berrynose X Honeyfern: 8/10 [I really wish she was alive, it would’ve totally mellowed Berrynose out and I cried so hard when the snake bit her. She saved Briarkit!!!]

Berrynose X Poppyfrost: 7/10 [After Honeyfern died I stopped caring about who Berrynose was with… Still a cute couple though it’s kinda messed up that when she died he got straight to her sister.]

Spiderleg X Daisy: 8/10 [Spiderleg at least tried, but Daisy and Spiderleg were never meant to be mates, nor were their kits meant to be born… oof. He was so desperate when Leafpool tried to give him advice though. I can tell he at least cares about his kits.]

Sangorse X Palebird: 3/10 [They argued a lot and when Sandgorse died, Palebird had Woollytail’s kits like 2 moons later. Where’s the loyalty?]

Palebird X Woollytail: 4/10 [Even though he made her happy, Palbird practically forgot her whole family. Sandgorse, her first mate, and her first kits; Tallstar and Finchkit. I don’t think she was a very good cat for abandoning them. When Tallstar left WindClan, she didn’t even care. Didn’t even ask him to stay.]

Shrewclaw X Reena: 9/10 [I can see it.]

Deadfoot X Ashfoot: 10/10 [I’m glad Deadfoot got someone.]

Mapleshade X Appledusk: 0/10 [he didn’t love her! He lied to her and blamed her! Poor Mapleshade was left broken because of that fox-hearted traitor!]

Crookedstar X Willowbreeze: 10/10 [I couldn’t count how many times I cried in Crookedstar’s Promise even if I wanted to.]

Shellheart X Rainflower: 5/10 [I don’t know why Shellheart still loved her, she belongs in the Dark Forest. Case closed.]

Stagleap X Wrenflight: 9/10 [I love Stagleap]

Stormtail X Moonflower: 10/10 [Bluestar’s parents. *sigh* They tried.]

Mudfur X Brightsky: 10/10 [When Brightsky died, Mudfur was left with his one remaining kit, Leopardstar. He didn’t even want to be a warrior anymore. Mudfur became a medicine cat.]

Yellowfang X Raggedstar: 3/10 [Raggedstar abandoned her when he saw Brokenkit. Did he really ever love her? Or was he blinded by kits and forbidden romance?]

Dovewing X Tigerstar: 9/10 [Another forbidden romance. Don’t you love them? Dovewing left her clan to be with him, and I’m surprised it doesn’t usually end that way.]

Graystripe X Silverstream: 10/10 [*cries* She was the first! I love her so much and she had to die! She would’ve been a great mother. Even with Graystripe having Millie he still thinks about Silverstream, and you can tell by their interaction in the last hope that they will be together in StarClan. “I’ll be waiting.” Silverstream had meowed.]

Tigerstar X Sasha: 8/10 [I know, he loved her, but he was a traitor, and once Sasha knew she was like: iight imma head out]

Tigerstar X Goldenflower: 2/10 [They weren’t in love. Sorry…]

Onestar X Smoke: 7/10 [Okay this kinda resulted in Darktail so… yikes.]

Billystorm X Leafstar: 10/10 [love it. Can you tell I’m getting tired of writing these? They’re getting shorter. You can’t blame me!]

Barley X Ravenpaw: 10/10 [Everyone approves this ship. They live together and shelter each other. Feed each other. Have you read Ravenpaw’s Farewell? When Ravenpaw stumbles, Barley catches him. He asks him if he’s okay and sits him down. Sooooo Cuuuuute!]

Reedfeather X Fallowtail: 4/10 [He tried to steal her kits and didn’t care about how much she begged him for Willowkit and Graykit to stay with her.]

Cloudstar X Birdflight: 10/10 [They waited so long to see each other. Birdflight didn’t even get another mate. Such commitment!]

Sparrowpelt X Tinycloud: 8/10 [I think when you have a name like Tinycloud, you need a mate with a cool name like Sparrowpelt.]

I can’t believe I wrote so much…

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