Tigerstar’s One Life: A look at Tigerstar and his Lives by HollyleafTheGreat

HollyleafTheGreat discusses the notorious Tigerstar and the lives that he was given as leader.

Artwork by Coinn8

I was disappointed with Tigerstar’s death. I mean, why make Tigerstar leader of ShadowClan if they weren’t going to make him more of a threat because he could die multiple times, instead having all 9 lives ripped out. But who’s to say that even happened? What if Tigerstar, like Nightstar, was denied his nine lives? Well folks, instead of nine lives for Tigerstar, we’ll list him six reasons he can’t have them.

Reason 1: He’s Evil. I know Brokenstar was also evil, but Brokenstar was the reason ThunderClan allowed Rusty to become the great Firestar, so he becomes leader so that a greater good can be brought to the Clans. He was also punishment for the Clans pushing out SkyClan, and Firestar ended up finding them with Sandstorm so they could return to their rightful place, so that’s his reasoning for being allowed. But nothing could even come from Tigerstar, as he was killed immediately, so why give him a pass?
Reason 2: He’s a Liar.
If Tigerstar were never to receive his nine lives, do you think he’d just admit that? “Oh yeah, I never got my lives but, uh, obey me anyway!” Not only that, but Nightstar never said anything either because it makes ShadowClan look weak.
Reason 3: Tigerstar rejected his lives.
Every life given to him he rejected. Internally, yes, but he still rejected them. He rejected mercy and compassion, and if he rejects the values the life gives him, does he even have the life? I don’t think so. If he can’t take on the things that could have changed him, he probably doesn’t get the life at all.
Reason 4: That’s really useless.
Why give him 9 lives, making him 9x more dangerous, just to kill him off in one blow. What’s even the point? He might as well be a rogue.
Reason 5: He died INSTANTLY!
If Tigerstar had his nine lives, he’d have died, gotten up, staggered for a few paw steps, collapsed, and repeated the cycle 7 more times. But instead, he died INSTANTLY! No sign of losing lives, just dying immediately.
Reason 6: Scourge used the same move on Firestar.
It’s likely that Scourge would use the same or a similar move on Firestar, so why can Firestar get back up? Because he had his nine lives, and Tigerstar didn’t.

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