Anilizing Bluestar by Bluestorm

Bluestar discusses the life of the former leader of ThunderClan, Bluestar.

Art by Riverspirit

Hi my name is Bluestorm and today i will be telling you how i analyze Bluestar so here i go!

Bluekit, has a sister named Snowkit. They go through grief in early apprinticehood, by loosing their mother Moonflower. Bluepaw later has a prophecy “Like fire you will blaze through the forest but beware even the most powerful flames can be put out by water” Goosefeather the medicine cat snaps as always at her. Later on she becomes Bluefur aswell as her sister Snowfur.
Bluefur then meets Oakheart, a Riverclan warrior. He was sitting on sunning rocks acting like a know it all like seriously! Bluffer deserves better treatment then that! Then Snowfur has whitekit with evil Thistleclaw.After Snowfur gets hit by a car on thunder path. Then Oakheart invites her to break warrior code and be friends with him and go sneak to Fortress at night. Then they fall in love and Bluefur refuses to have Thrushpelt as a mate! Then she has kits with Oakheart and they say Thrushpelt is the father. After she takes care of the kits for a Moon she gives them to Oakheart just to be deputy. Then Oakhear never talks to her ever again! Later Sunfall becomes leader because mr Pinestar betrays them to be a kitty pet! Now Sunstar chooses Tawnyspots to be deputy. Then Thistleclaw gets Tigerpaw as an apprentice! Good match evil training evil right! Then Whitekit becomes Whitepaw! Five moons later Tigerpaw is TIGERCLAW! After Tawnyspots dies of sickness! and Bluefur becomes deputy and he has only two lives left! so he dies of green cough and then by a dog and Bluefur becomes Blustar! Then she sees rusty because a prophecy says fire save the clan and he is flame colored!

Before that Redtail becomes deputy. Then Riverclan wants to steal Sunningrocks. So they do and TIGERCLAW kills Redtail! So then Lionhearted becomes deputy and Firepaw is there too lol. So then she goes to the moonstone and there is a vision on Shadowclan invading the camp. so Rosetail a good friend of Blusters dies saving kits :(. Now bluestar makes TIGERCLAW deputy after Lionhearted dies. then Frostier has kits then Shadowclan takes them and the clan comes to save them but Bluster dose not. Then Greypaw and Firepaw become Fireheart and Greystripe! Then TIGERCLAW tries to kill her and TIGERCLAW is exiled then Fireheart is deputy!

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  • Amen. BLUESTAR is QUEEEEEENN!!!! <3<3<3 I love her πŸ™‚ I really wish that Bluestar got with Thrushpelt…. The only reason Oakheart fell in love with Bluestar is because Mapleshade meddled with Crookedstars (Oakhearts bro) life, yknow πŸ™ The only perk about Blue getting with Oak is that they had amaaazing Kits, I mean Stonefur was sooooo noble and was deputy before he was murdered, and then Mistyfoot became Mistystar!! Like WOW! But Thrushpelt was soooo cute with Bluestar, Omgosh, I shipped them sooo bad. It broke my heart seeing Thrushpelts pain that Bluestar wouldnt accept him, but yet he still fathered her kits, before she sent them away…. I’m going to cry, Thrushpelt is one of my most favorite cats in the whole series πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ Im seriously going to cryyyy

    But, um… anyway AMAZING article, I love the summary of Bluestar. Great job. Sorry about my rant LOL

  • I’m not sure if I really like Bluestar as a character to be honest. Her endangering Mosskit’s life was unnecessary, considering she could’ve of warned Sunstar about her dreams or gave her kits to another queen. Taking her kits through a blizzard didn’t need to happen.

    I don’t think she treats her mates very well either. When she announced her pregnancy, the scene didn’t feel right: She immediately told Oakheart he couldn’t with his kits, refused to let him join Thunderclan, ordered him to focus on becoming Riverclan deputy and ignored him when he asked the Thunderclan father she’d pose with.

    When she dumped her unwanted litter onto him, he asks where the third one was: Bluefur literally goes “Dead” and runs off. With Thrushpelt, she lies that all his adopted children died – Which is honestly too horrible for words.

    This isn’t talked about often: But Bluestar treated apprentice pretty poorly.

    With Rusty and Greypaw: They were made to fight bloody battle hours after being promoted from kits. They didn’t have any training or safety messures. Rusty almost died against Longtail, being choked by his collar. She didn’t give Firepaw a proper mentor until half way into his training. Then she didn’t give Greypaw a replacement mentor after Lionheart’s death. Both Firepaw and Greypaw were made warriors at nine moons, way too young.

    Dustpaw and Sandpaw were left to get jealous of Fireheart and Greystripe: Remaining apprentices for moons longer and see younger cats become mentors.

    Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw became apprentices before they were six moons and before their littermates.

    Literally the second Bluestar discovered Snowkit was deaf, she announces he can never be a warrior.

      • πŸ…πŸŒŸTigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)πŸ…πŸŒŸ says:

        She did, but I still think she was a good cat. She tried to noble and strong even after so much loss, up until book 3 anyway.

    • I can see where you’re coming from, I respect your opinion, and I do have to agree, she made some rough choices. But her life was also not the easiest…

      • mom dying
      • Sister dying
      • Father that ignored her
      • Sister getting w/ Thistle
      • Tigerclaw/star breaking her trust, trying to kill her, and constantly attacking Thunderclan
      • Redtail, Lionheart, Spottedleaf’s, Swiftpaw, etc deaths
      • Forbidden love
      • Giving up her kits, so thistle didnt become leader
      • Snowkit and Brightheart death/attack
      • Crazy uncle that predicted her death
      • Brokenstar’s rule during first arc
      • Trust issues

      There are a lot, she had a lot of trauma. And to make it even worse, when she started going “crazy”, that just her developing a form of feline dementia (runs in the family, Goose feather had it too πŸ™ ) and hysterics, which added to the trust and anger issues, she was getting ooold, sweet baby (LOL). Anyway I have always really respected her as a leader and role model. But everyone makes mistakes, and I think Bluestar grew because of her trials…
      Thats my opinion LOL haha πŸ™‚

  • Just FYI Pinestar leaves WAAAAY before she gives up her kits, Tawnyspots is sting when she gives up her kits. But good article!

  • Oakheart & Bluestar didn’t talk anymore bc they where afraid the clans would find out they where mates and that their kits where Stonefur & Mistyfoot

    -And I’m a Bluestar lover

  • I’m totally bluestar- yeah the REAL one and this is just a oc I made so ignore my name! And yes, BLUESTAR IS MY FAVORITE BOOK CHARCTER true facts because I am her. Just a twoleg version, yeah. Anyway, Meow you later!

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