Saddest moments by Maplestripe

Maplestripe lists some of the saddest moments from the series

Art by NightmareSparckle


Hi! It’s Maplestripe, and I was just made a warrior, so I thought I can’t be a warriors until I write an article, so here it is! Please feel free to comment! Hope you like it, and may StarClan light your path! F.Y.I. The lower the number the sadder the thing is.
Saddest moments:
1. when Gray Wing dies, it’s just heartbreaking. I started crying and didn’t stop for like 20 minutes. He names the clans and yay! happy ending, then he dies, with his kits watching! That’s REALLY heart breaking.
2. Firestar’s death, Firestar has been my favorite character since the start, I mean why???? He fights the Dark Forest like a pro, then dies. I cried so much.
3. Turtle Tail’s death, It’s just so sad, she is trying to save her kits from her insane mate, who doesn’t really love her, like, Gray Wing would be a much better father, yeah, so she’s saving her kits and then dies! Tom doesn’t even care! I mean, she carried his kits, and birthed them, and he shows no gratitude, in fact he gets her killed!
4. The vigil for Briarlight, Briarlight is just such a great cat, and a brave one too. She has been through so much and I was just so sad to see her die… I mean it seemed like she was Millie’s favorite, which is terrible for her litter mates, but she was paralyzed! I knew she would die, but it just seemed like she was just holding on, by a whisker, and that’s what makes it sad, I think.
5. When Hollyleaf almost dies, Hollyleaf was my favorite power of three character, both her brothers had powers, and she didn’t like why??? And then she dies, the stupid dirt almost suffocates her. like, its just so sad! I know, she didn’t actually die, but I thought she did, and I cried so much.
6. The death of Purdy, now, I know Purdy isn’t an important character, but he’s just so nice, and the way the Erins put his southern accent in the book, it’s really sweet, he has a pretty great life, and he dies, peacefully, but sadly.
7. When Mistystar rejects Mothwing, Mothwing is Mistystar’s best friend, and her medicine cat, and then Mistystar realizes that Mothwing doesn’t believe in StarClan, like WHAT?!?! Everybody has the right to have their own beliefs, I know Mothwing is medicine cat and all, but Mistystar was just being mean.
8. Spottedleaf’s second death, Everyone knows Mapleshade is evil, but then she kills Spottedleaf while she is already dead! That’s just cruel. Then after Firestar dies, he sees all of the cats that gave him his 9 lives, except Spottedleaf, this just made me so sad, I mean Spottedleaf is gone, like forever, I think there should be StarClan for StarClan where the cats like Spottedleaf go.
9. When Hollyleaf dies in the Great Battle, Hawkfrost is evil, when Ivypool started training with him, I had some good thoughts about him, but then he kills Hollyleaf. WHY????? As I said before, Hollyleaf is one of my favorite characters, and this scene is so, so, so sad.
10. When Mapleshade’s kits die, I know that Mapleshade is evil, and killed a bunch of cats, but lots of other cats had kits with cats from other clans, like Bluestar for example, so Mapleshade has kits, and gets rejected by ThunderClan for lying about who her mate was, like everyone thought Thrushpelt was Bluestar’s mate, Mapleshade then goes to RiverClan, then almost drowns getting there, and oh no! Her kits are dead and her mate is cheating on her, her mate gets to stay in RiverClan and she gets rejected yet again! Like cats can be so cruel!

Thanks for reading and may StarClan light your path!

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