In Defense of Blossomfall by Duskblossom

Duskblossom shares their opinion of Blossomfall. How do you feel about this ThunderClan warrior?

Art by meadowllark

You have good points in your article, Ebonypaw, but I think Millie is in the wrong. There are adults who still need support. And yes, Graystripe is bad too. He doesn’t even care about his latest litter! I can see them more as Millie’s kits than Graystripe’s. But honestly, how did they get all those pelt colors? Blossomfall is a tortie/ calico, Briarlight is brown, and Bumblestripe is the only one who resembles them 😛. But that’s another article in itself. It is okay for Millie to give attention to Briarlight, LOTS of attention, but it’s not okay for her to ignore her other kits! And yell at them! And Millie bothers Jayfeather all the time, as you so kindly put it. I get that she’s worried for her kit, but it’s not okay if you ignore your other kits. Plus, Millie did not care about Blossomfall when she yelled at her in the infamous tunnel scene! Here.
“Her tail-tip was twitching with annoyance, and her eyes were filled with bitterness.”
That isn’t a sign of overprotectiveness, if you ask me. It’s a sign of anger. Or annoyance. Instead of eyes filled with concern, they’re filled with bitterness! If she really cared about Blossomfall, she would express being upset at finding her gone, or add “You’re going to Jayfeather’s den with me, now!”
She shows no concern for Blossomfall and Bumblestripe, only Briarlight. When Bumblestripe takes Briarlight out, he expresses being afraid that he would be in trouble with Millie if she knew he took Briarlight out. And as for hating Briarlight, she hates her sister’s injury, not Briarlight. She hates it because it disables her sister from being a warrior, and a more selfish reason – Millie doting on her. During the tunnel scene, Blossomfall even asks Ivypool if Millie would care if she died. When Whitewing scolds Ivypool, she is gentle and asks why. But Milie degrades Blossomfall in front of the whole Clan. And nobody does anything to stop it.
“A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate. So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest. I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I’m getting good training, better than anything we get here.”
-Sign of the Moon, pg 246
Blossomfall thinks she deserves the Dark Forest just because she’s jealous! Can it be any more obvious she’s insecure? No person can control their feelings. No one can blame Blossomfall. And if you say they can control how they react to it, no one taught Blossomfall how! If you say she should know, she should be able to do it already without being taught, she was so spoiled she thought she could do anything! And who spoiled her? MILLIE!!!!
Well, I hope you liked my first article! Thanks for reading!

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  • I’m glad someone actually understands. When I was reading these scenes, it just… made me feel annoyed at Millie, so that’s why she’s one of my least favorite characters. Sure, Blossomfall can be a brat and has been a brat before, but she’s not selfish. She just wanted live and the desire to be noticed by her mother. (I’m not trying to hate on Blossomfall by saying that she’s been a brat at times)

  • This is an awesome article, and it totally set me thinking! I loved alll your quotes you put in there, and this is such a good article, I love it like crazy. Millie is NOT a good mother, and TBH, I love Silverstream a LOT LOT more. Millie is DEFINENTLY on my hated list.

  • YES! millie is def the WORST, i mean who treats their own kit like that? and also, everyone’s like “but blossomfall doesn’t NEED attention shes an adult warrior” and Im like “um ya but so is briarlight???!!Owo”

  • This is a really good article! I honestly like both Millie and Blossomfall, I wish they got more bonding scenes in AVoS and TBC