My 5 favorite Warrior Cats by Reednose

Reednose shares their favourite characters from the series. Which of these cats are on your list?

Artwork by Forever_Ebonycloud

Hello! So this is my first article and I’m really excited. Today, I will be discussing my top 5 favorite warrior cats. I hope you all like it!!

5: Ivypool:
I just think Ivypool is awesome! It started out with her being jealous of Dovewing, her sister because she was part of the Power of Three prophecy. She then went in the Dark Forest and spied on evil cats like Tigerstar and Brokenstar. Technically, Ivypool seems more important than Dovewing, in a way. She deserved to be in the prophecy more than Dovewing and that’s that.

4: Scourge
Scourge is probably my favorite villain ever from any fandom. I just love how he was an underdog and his murderous rise to the top. And those lines that he says in the manga Rise of Scourge is absolutely chilling. I expect the ice to melt but it doesn’t, it just keeps getting colder and colder and I welcome it.

3: Graystripe:
I just love him, OK? I especially love him when he was an apprentice during Into the Wild. This cat was also so stinking sweet. First of all, he was always at Silverstream’s side. He also was there for his two kits. Some could disagree and say he’s weird or it was wrong for him to take two mates, but that’s not as much as Crowfeather, Okay?

2: Jayfeather
Jayfeather is probably my favorite medicine cat. I love his grumpy personality and the fact that he’s blind really makes his story inspiring. For some reason, I always really like the sarcastic and grumpy characters and Jayfeather is totally in my standards. And I just absolutely love him and the stick.

1: Firestar
Firestar literally saved the clans! Just like his half brother, Scourge, I like how he started as the underdog and he showed everyone that it doesn’t matter where he came from, he still has the heart of a clan cat. Some may say he’s an overrated character but I have to argue by saying that he’s amazing. Also, I really enjoyed reading his POV. He just made TPB That much better.

Thank you so much for reading my first article. I hope you enjoyed reading it and do you agree with my list?

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