Top Five Popular Warriors Prefixes and Suffixes by StartlingBlue

StartlingBlue lists some of the most common prefixes and suffixes from the series.

Photography by madtacker (Flickr)

We all remember the strife of choosing your Warrior name. While some names are normal or typical, there are some unique names out there that stand out. These names usually have no prefix nor suffix. I mean, take a look at Brook Where Small Fish Swim. I mean, what’s the point of having long names? Nevertheless, these names are weird but cool. So cool, in fact, that we have some names based off of that. And don’t forget the kittypet/loner/rogue names, which generally sound like real life names for cats. So, what is most common in our Warrior names?

5. The Suffix -shade

Art by Mary Gomes

These cats with the -shade suffix are the chill cats. They blend in well and are usually thin, but usually in a pretty way. They are able to handle things in a calm way and are not too fond of the sun. These cats are pretty typical, but popular. No need to search long distances to find a cat like this!

4. The Suffix -Breeze

Photography by Joshua Fuller

While the suffix -Breeze has a meaning, many people aren’t sure what is means. So after some research, I found the name “Breeze” refers to “gentle wind”, which makes sense, I guess. Not many cats are like that though, choosing this suffix purely because is sounds great, and I’m not gonna lie, ’cause it does. But that doesn’t mean no one with this suffix is like a gentle wind. There are a lot of gentle cats out there with the suffix -breeze, just not all of them. But what is for sure is that most of the -breeze cats out there are she-cats. If your name has -breeze and you’re a tom, congrats! You’re a truly special one. ;3

3.The prefix Moon-

Photography by Matt Cardy (Getty Images)

Come on, for those peace-keeping she-cats the prefix Moon’s gotta be in this list! Those cats who don’t have the guts for battle- most of them don’t want to get their pelts raked. No one does unless you’re Tigerstar I. But, Moon’s a good name, if you’ve read Wings of Fire you’d know what I mean. Moon- cats are peace-keepers, right? The shy, caring she-cats that are usually single. And there’s quite a few of them, that’s for sure.

2. Animal Prefix

Photography by madtacker (Flickr)

If you examine the allegiances, you might find cats with names including animals! Some of these cats simply like their name like that while others choose a name relating to their appearance. A name like that, for example, would be Foxdawn, a cat that resembles a fox. But some other cats choose the animal that has that personality. Again, we put the fox in this example. If Foxdawn did not look like a fox, she would probably act like the typical, clever and smart fox. But if Foxdawn did not look like or act like a fox, we’ll just have to assume she thinks her name is cool that way.

1. The Suffix -frost

Photography by Osman Rana

Most of you have taken a good look at the allegiances, and what do you find? So many names with the suffix -frost! Why frost? Why cold, harsh, winter over warm, tropical, summer? After all, I’d rather be sunbathing with a glass of lemonade in my hand then wear stuffy jackets in heaps of snow. Well, not all of us live in that climate. Some of us don’t experience snow every winter, and some of us don’t have a warm summer climate. Besides, many of us want to be known as strong, cold warriors, and -frost describes that almost perfectly! Plus doesn’t the word sound cool? Of course it does.

So there you have it! The top five Warrior names (or, at least name parts) right above these sentences! There’s a 50% chance your name is part of that list, so comment and tell us if your name is in that list (or, at least part of it). Cheers!

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