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Bronzestrike shares their favourite characters from the series.

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Hello, I’m Bronze where Earth Strikes (Bronzestrike). Today, I’ll be explaining my top 5 favorite warrior cats. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


5. Tigerstar II

I know there are some mixed opinions on this character, but I like his acts as leader. As the warrior, Tigerheart was a little too fond of Dovewing, but after becoming leader, he was more enforced to the warrior code. During The Broken Code, he goes on to imprison Bramblestar’s Imposter, installing Squirrelflight as leader of ThunderClan. The only part I don’t get is why did Tawnypelt name him Tigerkit, instead of a different name.

4. Bramblestar (The real one)

Bramblestar is an honorable warrior and was an honorable leader before an imposter took over his body. Brambleclaw (Bramblestar as a warrior) chose Clan over kin when he killed Hawkfrost on ThunderClan territory. I’m not going to spoil all of Bramblestar’s Storm to present my other evidence, you’ll have to read that for yourself.

3. Thunderstar and Jayfeather

In my rankings, Thunderstar and Jayfeather are tied for #3. Thunderstar was the bold founder of ThunderClan. He wasn’t scared to leave Clear Sky/Skystar just because Skystar (From now on, I’ll call him Skystar) was his father. I think this was because Skystar bullied Storm into leaving, eventually getting Storm and Thunderstar’s littermates killed. Gray Wing, one of Thunderstar’s paternal uncles, was effectively Thunderstar’s father from the day Gray Wing rescued Thunderstar.

Let’s move on to Jayfeather. Jayfeather is the blind medicine cat reincarnation of Jay’s Wing, a cat that went missing after becoming a sharpclaw (not Sharpclaw, Hawkwing’s father) in the tunnels about a moon after Fallen Leaves drowned in the tunnels. The current Jayfeather was one of the Three, alongside Lionblaze, who used to be able to fight endless battles without getting hurt, and Dovewing, who had super senses. Jay feather had the power to see in other cats’ thoughts and dreams even though he was blind. I also like his “You’re only fine when I say you are” line.

2. Lionblaze

Did you think I wouldn’t put the invincible cat here? If so, you thought wrong. Lionblaze, the reincarnation of Lion’s Roar, was the strongest cat during the Power of Three and Omen of the Stars arcs. He even challenged Ashfur, his own mentor and won. He killed Russetfur, the ShadowClan deputy ON ACCIDENT!!! Even in A Vision of Shadows, this is displayed. When ShadowClan holds Twigpaw (Twigbranch as an apprentice) hostage, he is part of the patrol to rescue her. I am just saying I like Lionblaze for his physical strength,

1. Firestar

Firestar was born as a kittypet named Rusty, who climbed over the fence one day and found Graypaw (Graystripe as an apprentice). Eventually, Rusty joins ThunderClan and takes the name of Firepaw. During his naming ceremony, he gets bullied by Longtail. In retaliation, he claws Longtail’s ear off for real. He is the main character of two arcs:




That’s it for today. I hoped you got an insight to my favorite Warrior Cats.

Bronzestrike out.

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  • Ok, so everyone is saying they agree, and I’m not trying to tease or anything…
    But I don’t agree on most if the things you said.
    Tigerstar: Okay, I’m neutral about him. The only thing that stops me from disliking him is his obsession with Firestar.
    Bramblestar: I really don’t get why anyone would even like him. I mean, my least fav character is Lionblaze, but I still respect and understand why people love him. But Bramblestar? Firstly, there is nothing to like about him. I mean, he was pretty boring.
    Secondly, he’s ambitious and hungry for power. Do I really have to explain this?
    Thirdly, he’s a bad father: I mean, Bramblestar is even more of a worse father than Spiderleg, but Spiderleg gets all the hate while Bramblestar gets praise.
    Fourthly, he’s abusive and a bad husband: I mean, what cat in his right mind would treat his wife that way! It’s downright outrageous! I mean, this is probably the main reason I hate him. So many cats getting hate without reason, and here’s Bramblestar, doing all those horrible things and getting showered with respect and praise!
    And finally, he’s mean and overrated. One of the most overrated characters in warriors.
    And he doesn’t even have a reason behind all of this!
    Cats get hate for doing things because of a trauma or getting emotionally hurt.
    But Bramblestar lives a long and happy life, and he has no reason whatsoever for his actions!
    Thunderstar: Neutral
    Jayfeather: I LOVE HIM <3
    I mean, people hate him for his personality, but if he was a normal warrior, he wouldn't act like this! "He's so ungrateful and whingy". Well I'm sure every cat will act like him if they were him!
    He was rude to Brightheart: I don't think it was his fault. He did nothing! It was all Brightheart's fault!
    He's rude: He was very good reasons for this! And that's why many people love him. If every cat was like that, it would be boring!
    Lionblaze: Okay, okay, I understand that you like him. I respect that. But it still doesn't change that he's my least fav character in warriors!
    There so many faults with him that I can't even say it all!
    He's boastful, thinks he's so entitled, borrrrring, obnoxious, no brain….
    Firestar: I mean, he was okay as an apprentice and warrior…

    • Sorry. This was a while ago. I reread TNP, POT, OOTS, AVOS, and TBC. I have a new list now, but I’m not publishing it. Next will probably be something about a major DF cat (besides Tigerstar I). Either that, or I’ll have an article rejecting/promoting a popular warriors theory.

  • I agree with all of them my list is

  • I’m literally so late-
    Nice article! I love all these cats!! One question, did your Lionblaze paragraph get cut off?? Anyways, good job!!!

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