Slash and Tigerclaw: are they one and the same? by Shatteredmask

Shatteredmask draws comparisons between two antagonists from the series, the infamous Tigerclaw and the rogue Slash.

Art by Spirit-Of-Alaska

Helloooooooooo! This article is about how Slash and Tigerstar are the same! An article like this that I wrote just came out and I want to do another one now, so here it is!

Tigerstar is this ruthless killing machine guy. We have too many ruthless killing machine guys in Warrior Cats. We need ruthless killing machine GIRLS. (mua ha ha)
He killed about fifty cats directly and indirectly (BloodClan battle, Great Battle, killing them with his own claws, dogs) which is CRAZY. But I digress. He is pure evil, I tell you. PURE EVIL.
“You know already that I will kill you one day. Your last breath will be gasped beneath my paws. Your last drop of blood will be spilled on my fur. Stones will break and the sky will fall when we meet in our final battle.” Tigerclaw to Fireheart, can’t remember the page number, Tigerclaw’s Fury (I think)
Slash is also a complete and utter killing machine (I know a lot about this guy I write a fanfic about him). He threatened to kill Star Flower, and he let his campmates starve, and he pretty much almost killed Moss.
“Your cats are so starved, they couldn’t defend themselves properly. And you clearly don’t care whether they live or die.” Lightning Tail to Slash, pg 170, Path of Stars

Tigerstar has taken prisoners before. He imprisoned Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Featherpaw/tail and Stormpaw/fur. He quite enjoyed it.
“The cats you’re talking about poison the Clans with their impure blood! How can warriors be strong if they don’t know where their loyalties lie?” Tigerstar to Sasha, Escape From The Forest
Slash took Star Flower as a prisoner, even though he loved her, which is not the best approach. But what can I say? He’s not the brightest.
“That’s better. It would be a shame to wound such a pretty cat… and with kits in her belly. The thought of harming them breaks my heart.” Slash, pg 331, A Forest Divided

“Tigerstar is a massive, tall, sturdy, heavy, thick-furred, dark brown tabby tom. He has unusually long, sharp front claws, a broad chest and shoulders, and wide, pale amber eyes. His right ear is split in a deep “V” shape near the top, along with a scar on the bridge of his nose, and his pelt is criss-crossed with long battle scars.” Detailed description, the Warriors Wiki, Tigerstar (TPB)
“Slash is a mangy, broad-shouldered brown tabby tom with torn ears that are nicked at the top, a scarred muzzle, and front legs marked with a slash of white fur. His fur is crisscrossed with scars, and half of his whiskers are missing.” Detailed description, the Warriors Wiki, Slash
(though honestly pretty much every male villain is a dark brown tabby tom in Warrior Cats :P)

Thank your for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Just want to point out that Slash would need a time machine to be the same cat as ol’ Tigerstar. But maybe they’re related? I just checked Tigerstar’s family relations, and actually he has distant SkyClan blood, which means he has rogue blood as well.
May StarClan light your path,

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