Who is the imposter? by Shatteredmask

Shatteredmask wonders who the imposter is.

Art by thewisestdino

Hi! Shatteredmask here with yet ANOTHER theory article. This one’s about the imposter, Bramblefake.

Everyone thinks it’s Ashfur, Darktail, Spiresight, Sol, Hawkfrost or Tigerstar. The main guy is Ashfur.

But I think it might be a ‘good guy’. Someone that dislikes TIGERSTAR, but the only cat he or she could target is Bramblestar because he’s in power and Tigerstar’s spirit was destroyed in The Great Battle. Here’s a list:

It can’t be Brackenfur because he’s alive. And it won’t be Firestar because he’s ‘the great fire that saved the Clans and he’s the hero of the story, always running into danger to rescue kits and elders’. Ugh.
It can’t be Bluestar nor Goldenflower because they’re female, which leaves Ravenpaw and Scourge. It would make more sense and be easier for Scourge to do it, as he is a ghost and that makes it easier for him to get into Bramblestar’s body. So Scourge wins this round.

In real life, there is three reasons people do anything like this. Revenge, love, and threat. The last one is the one everyone forgets about. Threat. So they’re all thinking about ‘must be Ashfur, he was angry at Bramblestar’. Or ‘Darktail hates the Clans, maybe it’s him’. Or ‘Hawkfrost hates everyone! It must be him’.
Those reasons are love and revenge, not threat. What if it’s someone in the Place of No Stars threatening someone in StarClan/ghostplace (where do the ghosts go?)? Here’s a list if maybe the ‘weakest’ ones that might fall to the DF:
Ravenpaw (to Tigerstar)
Onestar (to Darktail)
Appledusk, Frecklewish, Crookedstar, Ravenwing, Goosefeather and Perchpaw (to Mapleshade)
Bluestar (to Thistleclaw maybe)
Star Flower (to One Eye or Slash)

Hmmmm, just going to rule out all the females. Because the voice is male.
It won’t be Crookedstar or Bluestar, because it just won’t be. It won’t be Star Flower, because she’s probably faded. It won’t be Perchpaw because everyone will be like “uh who’s this dude”.
It won’t be anyone that’s threatened by Mapleshade because she had nothing against Bramblestar or Squirrelflight.
So now we have Ravenpaw, Onestar and Scourge. I really want it to be Onestar for some reason.

And now I will give you another theory for you to hate me because of!
Snowkit is the imposter. Yeah, the Snowkit that was carried off by a hawk in the first series. When he was carried off by a hawk, he was a kit at the same time and age as Tawnykit and Bramblekit. HE was the one carried off, not those two. Maybe he was jealous that they lived, and he didn’t.

So the list is now Snowkit, Ravenpaw, Onestar and Scourge. Apparently the imposter has blue eyes so that rules out Onestar (sadly).
I think it would be Ravenpaw, because he is terrified of Tigerstar. Tell me what you think in the comments!

May StarClan light your path,


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  • Nice article!
    I think the Imposter is Ashfur. (No spoilers, guys!)
    I love Hawkfrost

    • [spoiler title=”Spoiler”] I’m sorry, not trying to judge… But everyone knows it’s Ashfur! There have been thousands of articles about who the imposter is [/spoiler]

  • Really good article! I don’t see why it couldn’t be female, though. I know at this point we know who it is (Ashfur), but is it ever stated that the voice is male? I mean, Ashfur was making his voice sound like Bramblestar’s right? It could’ve totally been a girl. Plus, gender equality, girls can have deep voices too.


    In Darkness Within (Fourth book of The broken code) it is revealed that the imposter is Ashfur.

  • May I say something?
    I don’t think the imposter is Scourge, because
    [spoiler title=”Spoilers for VOS (i think)”] The imposter keeps saying ‘find the skinny black cat’ or something like that [/spoiler]
    and if the imposter was Scourge, he probably wouldn’t
    [spoiler title=”Spoilers for VOS (i think)”] tell Shadowsight to look for himself. [/spoiler]

  • It is Ashfur, we all know. I think that its actually so interesting that its Ashfur, him coming back for revenge… So juicy!!!

    (But I actually also loooooved the idea, that what if it was Scourge coming back?! I mean, I think that would be super cool. Scourge coming back for revenge! Haha, LOL, and what if the reason he seemed so connected to Squirrelflight was because they both shared the white paw?!?! HAhahahahaha, that’s sooo funny to me, but also kinda makes sense LOL)
    I actually really hope that Scourge comes back somehow…. I’m a Scourge lover, through and through haha

  • [spoiler title=”spoilers for AVoS”] HOW COULD YOU WANT IT TO BE ONESTAR, HE IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITES AND HE DIED FIXING THE MISTAKES HE MADE! (sorry for getting angry, everyone can have different opinions) [/spoiler]
    btw i like that idea of Scourge but we know who it is….

    • [spoiler title=”spoilers”] he was an arrogant idiot (sorry 😛 ). The mistakes he made were all about pride, and Mudclaw would have made a better leader in my opinion. [/spoiler]

      • [spoiler title=”spoilers”] mudclaw had too much pride as well, i really liked onewhisker and was kind of desperate to still like him when he became leader and i really liked his ending (i do agree that he was a far too proud when he didnt give ShadowClan the herbs, its his fault that crowfrost died) [/spoiler]

  • by the time this article came out the broken code already was released. Lol.(I know this isn’t the author of the articles fault.

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