My five favourite cats by Leafdapple

Leafdapple shares their favourite cats from the series. Which of these cats are on your list?

Art by Warrior-Junkie

I’ve seen loads of people write articles on their favourite characters, so naturally I wanted to write one too. Anyway, I have a few controversial opinions as well so this should be exciting!

#5: Clear Sky
I know a lot of people hate him, but he’s such a complicated character (and I might make another article defending him). His struggles with Gray Wing and everything else make for an awesome plot and I personally found his chapters the most interesting of all of them. He is my favourite DotC character as you can see by my list.

#4: Brambleclaw
I don’t like Bramblestar as much, but Brambleclaw is one of my favourites. I love how he continually proves himself to be a loyal warrior and separate himself from his father’s shadow. This is especially hard for him in Sunset as well because of Tigerstar’s and Hawkfrost’s influence. Him and Squirrelflight are a great couple too!

#3: Dovewing and Ivypool
Many people hate Dovewing. A smaller amount hate Ivypool, but I’m one of those people who likes both equally! I can really empathise with both Dovewing and Ivypool: Dovewing for her responsibilities from when she was an apprentice and the Tigerheart vs Bumblestripe triangle and Ivypool for the jealousy of being overshadowed by someone else. These she-cats are both brilliant and I think that there is no reason not to like both. I know they both have flaws, but if they didn’t they’d be boring (Dovewing is NOT a Mary-Sue, she has many problems like coping with her power, and would a Mary-Sue whine about it? No! And she only whined as a young apprentice. She was never mean to Ivypool, only maybe tactless).

#2: Jayfeather
Jayfeather is amazing and really relatable. I understand how he feels when everyone feels sorry for him all the time, and he has such courage to turn away from the destiny he always wanted, to the one he knew he must choose. He then had to deal with his true parentage and the humiliation that came with it. He’s really interesting as a character and as a medicine cat as well.

#1: Leafpool
Leafpool is so kind and gentle. I can relate to her, also being sensitive and I think her life has been so hard. She had to make so many sacrifices, from her kits, to Crowfeather, for a while her job as a medicine cat, her dignity, looking after the whole cla- I could go on for ever. And all the while, she hardly ever complained (which I would have if I was her and there are certain times when people need to complain). Leafpool is one of the most dedicated medicine cats ever.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Bye until my next article!


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  • my opinions on these cats:

    Clear Sky – I hate him. He has a cool name tho
    Brambleclaw – I don’t like him either
    Dove ‘n’ Ivy – hate Dovewing, like Ivypool ( 😛 )
    Jayfeather – meh
    Leafpool – I loathe her, she’s a horrible mother

  • My top fav are-

    3.Moth Flight

    I liked Bramblestar when he was deputy better than when he was leader. His actions where ridiculous in Squirrelflight’s Hope(these r just my opinions)

  • Okay, I agree with all except Clear Sky.

    People don’t hate him because he’s a villian, people hate him because he actually has a terrible attitude about everything. I usually can argue about most villians, becuase a lot of their backstories are tragic and they’re going through a hard time, which can lead them to make rash decisions. Clear Sky, however, had NO tragic backstory. He had left his home, a thing he had wanted to do forever, was leader of a Clan, and had a ton of power. He was in a great position, with no reason to make bad decisions.

    That’s another reason, he fully knew what he was doing, he was not making rash decisions. He knew what he was doing when he let Storm leave, he knew what he was doing when he exiled Jagged Peak and what’s-his-name who had an injured leg, and he knew what he was doing when he tried to start a war. Sure, you can call him interesting because of his love/hate relationship with Gray Wing, but just because that one aspect of him is interesting does NOT make what he did okay.

    I could argue for Mapleshade, Ashfur, Hawkfrost, the list goes on, but Clear Sky knew what he was doing, and that’s what makes me hate him.

  • I think:
    Clear Sky: Uhhh…. dont like him much.
    Brambleclaw: Great mate for squirrelflight.
    Dovewing/ivypool. bothh
    Jayfeather: I tried.
    Leafpool: THE BEST!!!!!!!!

  • Clear Sky- No matter how much defending you do (not trying to offend anyone) he’s still a JERK.
    I mean, he’s evil and belongs in the dark forest.
    It’s just so unfair. Why does he get to have all these great stuff in life? He’s a murderer, an abusive parent, a cheater (kinda) and just pure evil.
    Mapleshade and all those evil cats in the dark forest are complicated too. But they still ended up in the dark forest.

    Brambleclaw- Like I said before, my least fav character is Lionblaze, but I still respect and understand why people love him. But Bramblestar? Why would you ever like him?
    He’s greedy, a bad parent, ambitious and worst of all, abusive! (#savesquirrelflight)
    I mean, Spiderleg gets all the hate for doing nothing, and Bramblestar over here literally forgetting he has kits of his own and getting showered with praise. At least Spiderleg has reaons. Bramblestar doesn’t have any excuses whatsoever! He thinks he is so important and bullies kittypets.
    Maybe not to the point that he should go to the dark forest, but close enough!

    Dovewing and Ivypool: Interesting. I’ve probably never seen anyone who likes both…
    Here’s my opinion!
    Dovewing: She’s whingy, her chapters are boring, her power is just useless and she thinks her life is “so hard” and she’s entitled.
    Ivypool: She’s so cool and she had such interesting chapters! Dovewing was the worst sister ever and a betrayer!

    Jayfeather: My fav cat ever!
    Defense: (what jayfeather haters would say)
    He’s annoying: Uh, without him, the books would be so lame and boring. He’s literally the base of the books.
    I hate his personality: That’s what makes him special!
    What’s so special about Jayfeather? Why doesn’t Yellowfang get showered with praise? They have the same personality: I get so triggered about this. Jayfeather IS not a copy of Yellowfang. They are different cats. They don’t even have the same personality! Just because Yellowfang has a mildly similar personality to Jayfeather doesn’t means that they’re the same.

    Leafpool: Idk why, but I hate Leafpool. But not because of the whole Crowfeather half clan business. (Out of all the cats, you, Lionblaze should have forgiven her. I mean, I don’t blame Hollyleaf. But Lionblaze? I do. Why? It triggers me so so so much that Hollyealf gets all the hate because she was “obsessed with the warrior code” and blamed Leafpool. But the warrior code was her whole life.
    Lionblaze, on the other hand, what’s wrong with you?! I don’t get why nobody mentions this. Lionblaze literally snuck out to meet Heathertail everynight, a WindClan warrior for starclan’s sake and then blames Leafpool for having kits with a WindClan warrior. I mean, I would have kinda understood him if he didn’t meet up with a WindClan warrior, but he himself was meeting up with a WindClan warrior. He should have understood Leafpool. Instead, he’s like, “Nooooo, what you did was unforgivable, blah blah blah”
    If you read his chapters, he’s like, but what she did was unforgivable, right? And publicly points and criticizes her.
    YOUR LUCKY SHE DIDN’T GIVE BIRTH TO YOUR KITS!) (Okay, *takes a deep breath*)
    Yeah, so Leafpool is way too obsessed with StarClan. One little thing and she tuns to StarClan for help.
    Plus, what did she get for breaking the rules? (I mean, Yellowfang got some pretty nasty punishments, while she got literally nothing) (I know, I know, I did defend her earlier, but that doesn’t change that she still broke the rules)
    She is so mean to Jayfeather. I mean, she’s so nice to everyone (which is probably why people like her) but what about Jayfeather? She’s so mean and nevlective to him.
    She clings to the past too much. I usually don’t really care about this, but she’s just too over the top. All she thinks about is Cinderpelt!
    I just don’t see why she’s special. I honestly don’t know why StarClan called her special (but StarClan is a hot mess and doesn’t that wise anyways). Is there anything special about Leafpool? Or is it just because she’s one of the main characters? She just seems like a normal medicine cat to me with just a bit more skill and powers.
    (Sorry mods for the long comment, and I hope I didn’t say anything too harsh 😀)

  • My opion
    Clear sky-Good character, a little mean, like making boundaries with out others, and killing a mother.
    Brambleclaw-What you said
    Dovewing/Ivypool-I FEEL LIKE YOU ON THAT!

  • I love leafpool so much i was so sad when i found out she died..

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