Similarities between Warriors and The Next Step by Shatteredmask

Shatteredmask compares some Warriors characters to those in the popular dance show, The Next Step.

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Hi! Shatteredmask here with another comparison to Warriors article! This time it is The Next Step.

Let’s begin.

Tom – Daniel
Tom/Daniel were both good in the beginning. They made friends with Turtle Tail/Giselle; then they went to the darkside (AKA Clear Sky’s camp/Elite). Then they proved themselves good again when Tom fought for Acorn Fur and Daniel gave Giselle critical info.

Tall Shadow – Emily
Tall Shadow/Emily were both leader/dance captain, and they were both voted off (kinda), but eventually became leader/dance captain again. That was quite vague, sorry.

Alderheart – Hunter
It says in AVoS that Alderpaw/heart half-loves Needlepaw/tail, even though she’s tough and annoying.
When Hunter and Emily are locked in that cupboard, it says that Hunter loves Emily despite the fact that she’s annoying.

Sleekwhisker – Amanda
This is the one with the most similarities.
Sleekwhisker went to the Kin, and was totally evil and horrible to everyone there, which made them respect her. Then she somehow got ‘out’ of the Kin and asked for ‘a second chance’ in SkyShadowClan. Then she totally stabbed them in the back and revealed that she was still with the Kin.
That’s basically what happened to Amanda, if you change the words to Elite and The Next Step.
Also Sleekwhisker was kinda like a second-in-command if you ask me and Amanda is dance captain. It all fits together.

Darktail – Lucien
Darktail is the leader of that really horrible group, the Kin. He’s very manipulative and clever. So is Lucien! Lucien’s the leader of Elite.

Turtle Tail – Giselle
Look above at Tom/Daniel to find out mainly why. Turtle Tail was this nice she-cat that was injured and then became friends with Tom who betrayed her then un-betrayed her.
Giselle was this nice girl that was injured and then became friends with Daniel who betrayed her then un-betrayed her.

Ashfur – Alfie
I don’t remember this properly but I’m pretty sure Alfie was in love with Riley at one point. They were together, then they broke up. Same with Ashfur and Squirrelflight.

Squirrelflight – Riley
Look above. Squirrelflight was in love with Ashfur then moved on to Brambleclaw again then back to Ashfur then back to Brambleclaw. Talk about a runaround lover.
Riley was in love James then Alfie then James again.

Violetshine – Kenzie
Violetshine’s best friend, Needletail, ‘leaves’ the Kin (in a way), and Violetshine blames Sleekwhisker (understandably).
Same with Kenzie. Just change Needletail to Davis and Sleekwhisker to Jacquie.

Sleekwhisker – Jacquie
Already done this one but who cares! Sleekwhisker gets rid of Needletail (even though it’s not really her fault) and Violetshine blames her! Needletail and her used to be really close as well. Same with Jacquie!

Needletail – Davis
What do you mean, I’ve already done this one?
Look above. Please don’t make me type it all out again 😛.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it! Shatteredmask out!

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