My Favorite and least favorite ships by Wildpaw

Wildpaw shares their favourite and least favourite ships from the series.

Art by PureSpiritFlower

Hey, I’m back with another article! Today is: My top ten favorite and least favorite ships!
Let’s get started.

I’ll start with my least favorite, just because:

10: CrowxNight

Crowfeather and Nightcloud just didn’t fly. They just didn’t. Crowfeather neglected her and his son, and she resented him(I’m pretty sure).

9: DovexBumble

No. Just no. The liver boi obsessed over Dovewing, and all Dovewing wanted was to get away from him. No wonder she left ThunderClan!

8: CinderxFire

First off, Fireheart literally views Cinderpaw as an annoying apprentice. Then she hurts herself, he cares, and everybody ships them? I mean, Cinderpelt might’ve liked Firestar, but Firestar never actually loved her.

7: PoppyxBerry

I’m just gonna say, I ship HoneyxBerry all the way, so this might be biased. But seriously? Berrynose loses Honeyfern, and is all over Honeyferns sister? Does anyone else find that weirdly messed up?

6: FirexSpotted:

Honestly, it never would’ve worked. The determined and loyal warrior, and the sweet kind rulefollowing Med Cat? Nope.

5: JayxBriar:

Because Briarlight was stuck in the Med den, everyone ships them because Jayfeather cared for her.

4: CrowxFeather:

Again, it never would’ve worked. Probably would’ve been one of those ‘Oh I like this girl, I have kits with this girl, I break up with this girl cause it didn’t work’.

3: HeatherxLion:

Just like with CrowxFeather. Just a ‘Summertime Fling’

2: YellowxRagged:

I will rant for a second, so brace yourselves. Raggedstar was the worst mate ever. He never cared about Yellowfang! He flirts with Foxheart in front of her! When she becomes a Medicine Cat, Raggedstar elects Foxheart deputy because it makes. Yellowfang. Feel bad! With the kits: “Oh, your having kits? Well they’ll never know you’re their mother’ When I read that, I wished I could’ve clawed Raggedstar. If I were Yellowfang, I’d have attacked him.
My rant is over.

And finally, my Least Favorite Ship is(drumroll): MaplexApple!

Appledusk validly ruined Mapleshade’s life. He blamed her for the death of their kits, wouldn’t stand up for her in RiverClan, and only pretended to live her, breaking Mapleshade’s heart and sanity.

Now we move on to my Top Ten Ships!

10: JayxWillow

I completely support this. Even more so when I read this:

‘Jayfeather had never been great friends with Willowshine, but he hated admitting weakness in front of her.’
I just love it.

9: HollyxFallen:

I love it. They’re cute together. Nuf said.

8: HoneyxBerry:

I was so sad when Honeyfern died. It broke my heart! Berrynose shouldn’t have mated Poppyfrost.

7: FirexSand:

They belong together! They just do!

6: GrayxMillie:

Stop thinking that Graystripe only mated Millie because she looked like Silverstream. Read Graystripes Adventure. He says he loves her. He loves her.

5: GrayxSilver:

Before cats start shouting at me, I support this as well as GrayxMillie. Problem? Just notice I put this one higher on the list. Graystripe and Silverstream honestly would’ve worked had she survived.

4: DovexTiger:

Yes! Tigerheart literally traveled miles to find Dovewing when she ran away! That’s true love!

3: SquirrelxBramble:

You will take notice that SquirrelxAsh is not on my most hated. I won’t explain, just contemplate it. Squirrelflight and Bramblestar start out as this apprentice and warrior who bicker and fight all the time. Then they start to grow fond of one another.
For all of you FirexSand, I hope you ship this. It is the rerun of their story. They hate, they become friends, then mates, which leads to kits.

2: StormxBrook:

They’re so cute together! And to be honest, Stormfur liked it better in the Tribe(of rushing water) than he did in RiverClan.

Drumroll! My Favorite Ship of all time is: CrowxLeaf!

Oh my gosh! I love this! The Two are adorable, and they ran away together! She’s the only mate Crowfeather had that didn’t hate him afterwards. He’s sad about Leafpools death, and loves all of his kits. Been Breezepelt.

Well, those are it. Hope you enjoy, and post your opinions in the comments!

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  • I agree with all. Especially MaplexApple. Alppe is a jerk, like, com ON!

  • Do I ship any of these? Let’s find out!

    Crow x Night – no.
    Dove x Bumble – BIG. FAT. BOOOOOO!!!!
    Cinder x Fire – nope. Another boo from Sunny Cat.
    Poppy x Berry – not really, but a tiny bit more fond of it than any of the previous ones listed.
    Fire x Spotted – a slight bit better than the others, but still a nah.
    Jay x Briar – an absolute NOPE from Sunny Cat and again another BOO.
    Crow x Feather – nah.
    Heather x Lion – no.
    Yellow x Ragged – not really.
    Maple x Apple – again not really.
    Jay x Willow – nope.
    Holly x Fallen – a bit better than some of these ships, but still a nah from Sunny Cat.
    Honey x Berry – not really.
    Fire x Sand – OMG JUST YES!!!!!!! THIS IS MY #1 FAVE WARRIORS SHIP OF ALL TIME (and perhaps my fave ship from all fandoms), AND U CANNOT CHANGE MY OPINION ON IT!!!!! IT IS JUST…. LOVELY!!!! (ok sorry I went crazy in caps lock just then, I couldn’t help it just because I ship them so badly.)
    Gray x Millie – probably somewhere up on my list of fave warriors ships, it’s a really cute couple in my opinion (especially in Graystripe’s Adventure)!
    Gray x Silver – definitely don’t ship it as much as Gray x Millie. I’d say I give it a meh.
    Tiger x Dove – yes! I actually ship this quite a bit! A big thumbs up from Sunny Cat 👍
    Squirrel x Bramble – I… I might ship this a tiny bit (I can’t yet decide if I ship it or not), but if so then it’s barely a yes from me.
    Storm x Brook – nah.
    Crow x Leaf – meh, not as bad as some I guess.

  • Crow×Night
    Oh yes I hate this ship. I don’t think crow loved night.
    I honestly don’t like neither Dove×Bumble nor Dove×Tiger. Bumble and Tiger were bit annoying.
    I like this ship as friends. But I don’t like it if you say love couple.
    I don’t hate this but I just like Honey×Berry better.
    Yeah. Even if Spotted wasn’t a med cat i still don’t like it. Spotted was too old for Fire.
    Have nothing to say lol i like Jay×Half moon
    I really like this ship. Feather and Crow were truely in love.
    Yeah I hate this. I prefer Cinder×Lion.
    Kinda..I guess..
    I really don’t like this ship.
    I don’t like Jay×Willow.
    Yeah. It would be good if Honey and Berry would be mates.
    Yeah. I like this couple. So mysterious and sad. Gray×Millie was boring kinda…
    I don’t like this. Tiger was nothing more than a did Bumble.
    Isn’t it cute? Fire’s kit and Tiger’s kit are mates!
    I don’t hate this. Like Feather and Crow did, they were truely in love. But I don’t like this either. Leaf and Crow just fall in love for no good reason.

  • Crow x Night: Crowfeather never loved her, Nightcloud is bitter.
    Bumble x Dove: Dovewing was mean and Bumble was pressuring.
    Cinder x Fire: I really don’t even care about this one. It’s just a small cannon ship.
    Poppy x Berry: It’s weird, but I don’t mind it persay.
    Fire x Spotted: SO BASIC!
    Jay x Briar: This is my favorite Jayfeather ship.
    Crow x Feather: Everyone loves it, but why? It only lasted oen book like Spotted x Fire.
    Heather x Lion: Just stupid in general.
    Yellow x Ragged: I like Yellowfang, but I don’t care about the ship.
    Maple x Apple: Mapleshade was controling, Appledusk cheated/was loyal to his clan.
    Jay x Willow: I like this too, but you dismiss Briar x Jay and give this ship a chance?
    Holly x Fallen: Love this one! It’s way better than Jayfeather x Halfmoon :-I
    Squirrel x Bramble: They need some marriage counciling. I was a good ship before all the drama. Apprenticeship was a better time.
    Storm x Brook: They are so cute together! I love them. <3
    Crow x Leaf: YASSSS!!! <3 <3 <3