10 Best Warrior MAPs or PMVs by Streamsplash

Streamsplash shares ten amazing MAPs. Which one of these do you like?

Artist unknown (Source: YouTube)

Heads up! This article is my opinion! You can have a different opinion.
Hey it’s Streamsplash and back with another article! I really enjoy watching the MAPs or PMVS on YouTube so here are some of my favorites. Go check them out after you are done reading this article!
Starting with #10.
#10. Into the Unknown, Feathertail MAP
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This is a great MAP. It is about Feathertail and her journey to the Sun-Drown Place. The only reason it’s 10 is because the song doesn’t fit it as well as some of the other songs

#9. The Election of 1800, A Longtail MAP.
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If you are a fan of Hamilton, check this MAP out. The song is amazing and the animation is great. The only problem is that the song doesn’t fit it that well but it is still a good MAP

#8. When I’m Gone PMV, Tallstar and Jake
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This PMV is based on Tallstar’s Revenge and the time he spent away from Windclan with Jake. This PMV has Jake and Tallstar as a couple. I don’t really ship them but the animation is beautiful and it is emotional.

#7. Little Lionblaze (Little Lion Man MAP)
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The song is actually called Little Lion Man but the MAP is called Little Lionblaze. This MAP is awesome. It is about Lionblaze and his struggle with the power. It has beautiful animation and an awesome theme. We are getting to the ones were I don’t have any bad things to say about them.

#6. Young God, Leopardstar and Tigerstar PMV
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This PMV is very good. The animation is so good. How do they draw like that?! So if you know the song, the second half is well, eh, not something kids want to hear so this PMV doesn’t play that part and only plays the first half. I am super glad they did that so people with restricted mode can watch it.

#5. Do or Die, Firestar MAP
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Aren’t there so many Firestar MAPs? This one is one of the best! It is amazing and the song is intense and fits well. The animaters are very talented and good at drawing. I would put this up higher but there are so many good ones!

#4. Wait for it, Oakheart PMV
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Another Hamilton song! This PMV is by the same people who made Young God and it is amazing! The art is so amazing and the song fits so well. (I feel like I am saying the same things over and over) but this MAP is about Oakheart life and we don’t see many Oakheart MAPS or PMVs so this is great!

#3. Everything Moves, Sol MAP
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This MAP. This MAP. This MAP is amazing. The animaters are very skilled and awesome, the idea is great, the song is great, and it is very warriors like. I could relate because I just read those scenes in the books. Overall, one of the best villain MAPS out there.

#2. Ready As I’ll Ever Be, MAP
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This MAP is amazing and I know other people think this video has 9. something views and maybe more but the time you read this. It is one of the most viewed warriors related content ever. (I think) The animation is beautiful and the cats look very like their supposed to. The song seems like it was made for warriors!

So, what could be better than Ready As I’ll Ever Be? Simple. A PMV with one of my fav characters in it.
Drumrull please…………….
#1. Walls Could Talk, Needletail PMV
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What!? How!? You’re all saying that. Half of you probably never even watched it! It only has 1.something million views where it clearly deserves more! This PMV is beautiful, the song is amazing, and I love how the video shakes. You really need to check it out. It amazes me every time.

Can I just remind you guys that that was all opinion. I don’t expect you to agree with me. Hope you have a good day!

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