Exploring underrated and overhated characters! by Brightpaw

Brightpaw takes a look at some of the overlooked characters from the series.

Artwork by Lithestep

Ok, sup I’m Brightpaw and this is my first article. I’m new but I heard it takes 5-7 months to publish articles so it might not be new by then! I thought of doing favourite characters buuut… That would make a lot of people hate me and I do not want that to happen so soon. So I came up with this new series idea called: underrated and overhated, where i explore characters from those characters and try to give them some love. Disclaimer: these are mostly characters I like and don’t get why people ignore or hate them. Considering I only post one article every six months,then this series might take a while but I encourage other people to try this as well! Introducing underrated and overhated!…


Featherwhisker: I barely see anyone talk about him yet he was one of the medicine cats most committed to his role. He carried the whole clan on his shoulders while goosefeather went crazy and he handles it brilliantly. He was so dedicated yet I see barely any recognition go to him. He isn’t even some background character or anything, he… Is… Amazing.

Turtle Tail: ok to be fair she gets some attention but being a main protagonist’s mate, you would of thought she would get more love. I have seen some Turtle Tail hate but not enough to go in the overhated section as she is mostly ignored. Turtle Tail was just my little ball of sunshine! She was so happy, optimistic and Turtle x grey,had development! She was just so cute!

Whitewing: best.. mother.. ever. Ok so she had really cute mothering moments in omen of the stars wheras Bramblestar didn’t talk to goldenflower as of new prophecy. Bristlefrost doesn’t talk to either of her parents as of book three of broken code. However, whitewing actually really cared about both her kits and the fact that she kept her warrior ceremony back so that birchpaw wouldn’t be the only apprentice. White x birch is just so cute!


Daisy: ok she isn’t useless. I see so much hate about her saying she only cared about her kits. But no, she is a protective queen and after she gets over her initial trauma with the badgers she cares about all cats. She made cats feel welcome and proved there is more to life than hunting and fighting. No she didn’t steal cloudtail. She said that he was welcoming but never tried to steal him from Brightheart. Of course cloudtail is going to be welcoming, he used to be a kittypet. And the fact she moved to the clans just to support her kits proved what a caring cat she is.

Millie: ok I might do a whole article on defending Millie. First of all, Blossomfall is a jerk “Oh No My MoThEr Is LoOkInG aFtEr My SiStEr WhO’s DrEaMs ( and legs lol ) WeRe CrUsHeD MoRe ThAn MEEEEE A fIt AdUlt” sorry about that lol but I have a point. At Blossomfall’s age cats aren’t really mothered an awful lot and this is Millie’s first real loss since joining the clans. And I can’t even reason with people who hate her because ” SHE REPLACES SILVERSTREAM!1!1!1! ” she sacrifices her whole life for a cat she barely knows and adapts so well who he with Greystripe. She is so selfless.

Ok that is going to be it for now, please tell me if you gained new admiration for any of the five characters I talked about. I will probably do five per article so tell me what you think! Please try this yourself but please credit me!

Bye from Brightpaw!

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