Cadvent 1

It’s Cadvent again! 🎄If it’s your first time, welcome! If you back again for another Cadvent, Welcome back!

I hope you’ve been sending in links and pictures of your pets and seasonal artwork. It’s not too late to share them. I’ll be posting all the way up to 24th December.

Cadvent tends to be Christmassy, only because Christmas is the festival I grew up with. But BlogClan is delighted to publish holiday posts for all festivals and religions during Cadvent – anything to add some sparkle, warmth and happiness to the darkest season – so if you have a Channukah picture or just a wintry picture, please join in.

OK! Let’s begin! 🌟🌟

Our first Cadvent post is a beautiful, snowy norwegian forest cat. Willowpaw sent in the link and it’s a gorgeous way to start the celebrations. Thanks, Willowpaw! 💖

Next is some seasonal art by Smallear. It’s an adorable picture of Lavendarpaw, based on an outline created by PrePAWSterous. Thank you, Smallear. It’s a perfect pic for Cadvent. 🎄

Lionsong found this picture of a cat having her holiday photo taken. I’m never sure about cats in hats, but this one looks like she can handle it.

And finally, here is a link sent in by Flowerpaw. Beautiful! Thank you, Flowerpaw!

Happy Cadvent, everyone! 🎄🥰🥳


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