My favorite to least favorite Warriors (From The Prophecies Begin to Omen of the Stars) by Riverkit

Riverkit shares their favourite cats from the Prophecies Begin to Omen of the Stars.

Artwork by Vialir

#1 being my favorite, #13 being my least favorite. Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, and it’s cats from “The Prophecies Begin,” to “Omen of the Stars.” Also, this is not including The Ancients or The Tribe of Rushing Water, and I’m probably not including a lot of the of the characters in the books.

#1 Yellowfang~I love her attitude and grumpiness, and when she died, I cried a little. Okay, fine I cried for like an hour. And even though she used deathberries to trick her son, and kill him, but she knew she did it for the right reason, because her son was just pure evil.

#2 Jayfeather~I love his attitude and grumpiness too, and he thinks cats think he’s a helpless kit because of his blindness.

#3 Brambleclaw~In “The New Prophecy,” Brambleclaw goes with Squirrelpaw/Squirrelflight, Crowpaw/Crowfeather, Feathertail, Stormfur, and Tawnypelt to go find Midnight in the sun-drown-place and find a new home for the Clans, after Midnight gives them a prophecy. Brambleclaw does not try to be the leader or anything, he is just calm and content.

#4 Longtail~You guys might be thinking “What? Longtail?” but yes, Longtail. I didn’t really like him at first, but after Tigerclaw/Tigerstar got exiled from ThunderClan, he changed. I cried at his death too.

#5 Whitestorm~When Fireheart became deputy, Whitestorm was very relaxed, and wasn’t like some of the other cats who were like “That should have been me!” And when Firestar became leader and picked Whitestorm as his deputy, he was surprised that it was him.

#6 Feathertail~Feathertail sacrificed herself to the Tribe to save them from Sharptooth.

#7 Firestar~ Firestar is loyal to his Clan, and kind to all Clans.

#8 Graypool~Graypool is the old RiverClan elder that told Fireheart that Mistyfoot and her brother were Bluestar’s children. She died a horrible death.

Okay, after Graypool, it starts getting confusing, so I’m just going to get to my least favorite staring at #9.

#9 Darkstripe~He’s a follower of Tigerstar, and a bully.

#10 Tigerstar~Tigerstar was a murderer from the moment he was Apprenticed, and just wanted power all to himself.

#11 Sol~Even though Sol is not part of a Clan, I just had to mention him because he is just pure evil.

#12 Hawkfrost~Hawkfrost in my opinion, is more evil than Tigerstar and Sol.

#13 Ashfur~He’s at the bottom of my list because I never really liked him. But he was not really evil, just torn apart by love.

Well I hope you all liked this list, and leave your comments in the comment section below. 🐈😃😜

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  • Yellowfang – I liked her until she died. Then she just started being annoying.
    Jayfeather – I also like him because he’s funny.
    Brambleclawstar – I was neutral on him until Squilf’s Hope…but that’s not part of TPB to oats so that does not count!
    Longtail – He’s cool after ITW.
    Whitestorm – He’s cool as well.
    Feathertail – She’s also cool. Never read her manga.
    Firestar – I liked him in TPB, and was “meh” on him for everything else. Basically, after TPB, he basically became the “perfect” responsible leader that is right all the time because it’s ThunderClan.
    Graypool – Wh-who is she again :P? (I actually know who she is but she’s too minor to have a ranking, and I never read CP)

    Darkstripe – I think at one point I read he was “implied” to be gay? But lets get off that path and say I don’t like him.
    Tigerstar – Well, since I guess we’re in villain territory now, it’s time to take out my Antagonist grader! Hmm…he’s not actually too bad. He was a legit threat, unlike the two other cats below him…
    Sol – I dislike. He’s pretty interesting and is not just a killing machine guy, supposedly “using words to gain power instead of claws”. But then he fails miserably.
    Hawkfrost – Not too bad as there was a point he manipulated Mothwing into doing stuff for him, but then he became a legit threat a little to late. And then he dies. And then he becomes an actual threat again and somehow conquers the entire Dark Forest. Oh, and Ivypool as well. So lets say I like him more than Tigerstar and Sol.
    Ashfur – He is my absolute least favorite

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