The worst names of cats and what their names should be by Riverkit

Riverkit lists some cats who have unfortunate names and suggests some alternate names for them.

Artwork by Spirit-Of-Alaska

I probably didn’t get all of the characters with bad names, so if you know of another one, type it in the comment section below. Also, I’m changing their names to what they should be if they have the same prefix.

Deadfoot~ Deadfoot is just a terrible name regardless of if he had a limp or not. Who would ever name their kit “Deadkit?” His name should be Deadclaw or Deadtooth.

Lostface~ Lostface was the name Bluestar gave Brightpaw after the dogs attacked her. I know you were mad at StarClan Bluestar, but did you really have to take it out on another cat? Lostface/Brightpaw already has a different name: Brightheart.

Loudbelly~ Loudbelly has a loud belly? Loud is just a terrible prefix, but LoudBELLY?! Loudbelly’s name should be Loudclaw or Loudriver.

Hollowbelly~ Same as Loudbelly. It could have been Hollowfur or Hollowpelt, but belly? Really Mistystar?

Foxheart~ Foxheart is a cool name, but it also means he’s fox hearted, which he is not. His name should be Foxpelt.

Runningnose~ So what if he had a running nose? They didn’t have to express it in his name! Runningnose’s name should be Runningwind (which is already a cat, but still….)

Barkface~ Barkface’s name is just cruel. He has bark on his face. What? His name should be…. well I can’t really think of a good name for the prefix “bark.”

Harrybrook~ You can’t just add a suffix to whatever name you want! It could be Hairybrook, but that would be just plain mean. Harrybrook’s name should have just stayed as Harry.

Billystorm~ Same as Harrybrook you can’t add a suffix to whatever name you want! Billystorm should also have stayed as Billy.

Mousewing~ Mice don’t have wings! Mousewing’s name should be Mousefern or Mousepelt.

Crookedjaw~ So what if he has a crooked jaw? And what mother would name her kit Crookedkit? His name should be Crookedtree.

Twigbranch~ Twigs and branches are pretty much the same thing! Twigbranch’s name should be Twigtail.

Echosnout~ Okay first of all, cats don’t have snouts. They have muzzles. Echosnout’s name should be Echowind.

Now that I’m done, please put your comments about their names, my names, or anything about this article in the comment section below. I hope you liked my article seeing that this is the second on I’ve done!

Thanks! Riverkit out.


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  • Awesome article!! Here are the names I think these cats should have had or if I think they should just stay with the same name.


    Lostface-Bluestar was cruel to give Brightpaw such a name!! But I think her current name is so cute




    Runningnose-I think his name is cute because it has a meaning, “medicine cats can’t fix everything”


    Harrybrook-I actually like this name so I think it should stay the same

    Billystorm-I don’t like this name, but I can’t think of any suffix that would go with the name Billy :/


    Crookedjaw-If Rainflower did not name him crookedkit, I think Stormheart would suit him

    Twigbranch-I like this name so I’ll keep it the same, although I do like Twigshade

    Echosnout-Echowind or Echowing definitely!!

  • Actually Deadkit was actually Hopkit until Heatherstar changed his prefix

    Lostface: Yeah she didn’t deserve this name,but don’t blame Bluestar pls bc she didn’t know what she was doing.
    Loudbelly & Hollowbelly: agreed
    Foxheart: She doesn’t deserve a better name,bc she WAS a Foxheart.She was downright mean to Yellowfang just bc she and Raggedstar loved each other,and when Yellowfang was a medicine cat,she didn’t treat her with respect,but treated her mean and snappy.
    Runningnose: lol
    Barkface: didn’t really think about it…
    Harrybrook and Billystorm: I have no problem about THEM……….oh wait,Harrybrook should have been HarryPotter lol
    Mousewing: Lot’s of names isn’t realistic,and i have no problem about it.
    Crookedjaw:………… rainflower how could u
    Twigbranch: Bramblestar actually explained that the name’s meaning is that Twig,is growing to a branch(as branch is a part of a tree,and a twig is splinttered branch,a small branch)
    Echosnout: cool

    • Lostface: Yeah she didn’t deserve this name,but don’t blame Bluestar pls bc she didn’t know what she was doing. that’s no excuse!!!

  • Deadfoot – According to TR, Deadfoot wasn’t named Deadkit, but Hopkit. Tallstar just changed his name to Deadpaw. Hopfoot would be slightly less mean. But then again, names that describe a cat were hot in Pre-TPB…
    Loudbelly and Hollowbelly – Since Loudbelly and Hollowbelly are RBCs that are dead, I don’t have anything other suggestions.
    Foxheart – She’s a she-cat. But from what I heard, she is indeed a fox-heart, so…
    Runningnose – Again, descriptive (but sometimes mean) names were hot in Pre-TPB. Yellowfang just wanted to jump into the fray.
    Barkface – I don’t think this name is too horrible. It’s alright, I guess. I mean, there are worse names…
    Harrybrook and Billystorm – It’s partially Firestar’s fault, because he named her from Leaf to Leafdapple, so Leafstar probably thought that warrior names are the cat’s original names + a random suffix that makes zero sense. But then again, Firestar didn’t rename Sharpclaw Scratchclaw…
    Mousewing – I’m going to say the same thing as you. mice don't have wings.
    Crookedjaw – Rainflower would name a kit Crookedkit, of course, because she’s mean. But if Rainflower was nicer then I think he would become Stormheart? (Crookedstar’s previous name was Stormkit)
    Twigbranch – Yes, branches are basically bigger twigs. However, in River of Fire, I think, Bramblestar did explain that the name meant Twigkit’s growth from a twig to a branch, but even at that, Twigbranch still sounds stupid. But it should be kept.
    Echosnout – Yeah, I think the medicine cats have ran out of ideas for suffixes.

  • Actual, cats have snouts and muzzled. Their just called 2 different things. But they r the same thing lol

  • Twigbranch is a good name, Bramblestar had good reasoning for it
    Crookedjaw’s name was to emphasize Rainflower’s dislike for him
    Deadfoot wasnt named Deadkit, he was named Hopkit, but Tallstar changed his name to Deadpaw, so blame Tallstar for that one.
    Same as Darkshade: Foxheart was a girl and she was a foxheart

  • Okay I don’t want to be annoying but Deadfoot was originally named Hopkit and Had a twisted paw(Tallstar’s words not mine) witch is different than a limp.

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