Cadvent Two

Slatepaw sent in our first pic today. She found this on the web. I think it embodies everything Cadvent. 💖 Thank you, Slatepaw! 🌟

I’m very excited to share our next picture because it’s our first BlogClan mink! Minktail sent it in with this note: “This is Nicolas the Mink, my mom’s domestic American mink, in the snow! What a happy little lad. Nico wishes you a very Merry Christmas!!!”

Nico is cute as a little minky button! Thank you, Minktail and Minktail’s mom. 💕

Mojocloud sent in a link to a very seasonal kittypet. It looks so warm and cosy! Purr-fect! Thanks, Mojocloud! 🥰

Next we have a wonderful piece of BlogClan art. Firestar Getting Ready for Christmas by Tigerstar the Second. I love it! ❤️ Thank you, T the S!

And finally, we have a picture found by Starpaw. So sparkly and pretty! ☃️☃️❄️ Thank you, Starpaw. 💖


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