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Warriors who Already Have Correct Genetics by Hollykit

Hollykit lists some cats who do have correct genetics in the series.

Artwork by toboe5tails

Hello, here’s one of my first articles! Some people seem to criticize Warriors on genetics, but it really doesn’t matter. But, I’m going to tell you about six cats who are genetically accurate. Just note, these might be short. I’m also pretty young, so be warned, this might be incorrect!

Spoiler alerts for family tree stuff!

1. Squirrelflight
Simply, Squirrelflight has two red parents. Firestar is a red tom, and Sandstorm is a diluted red she-cat, meaning they would have cream or red kittens—so, Squirrelflight is correct! Plus, her parents have green eyes, so she was guaranteed to have green eyes like them!

2. Alderheart
This boy inherits a gene from his mother—the genetically accurate gene.
Toms have one chromosome, which is the one that expresses color, from their mother–and he has red fur, like his mother. And his eyes are amber–like his father!

3. Tiny Branch
His mother, Star Flower, is red, and his father, Skystar, was light gray. Gray(aka blue) is a dilution of black. Tiny Branch, in real life, would carry two X chromosomes! He gets red from his mother on one, and black from his father on the other. Then, he would get the dilution from his father, making him a blue and cream tortie! Cats can only get blue eyes if they have white fur masking their eyes, because white fur has no pigment, and neither do blue eyes! Unless he has white fur masking his eyes, assuming they’re blue based on the wiki, that would be impossible. But if they were inheritable, he would get them from his father! 😛

4. Tallstar
He gets both the black and white from his mother! And his eyes are from both parents. If Finchkit had black patches, I would add her here..

5-6. Stormfur and Feathertail
As I’ve said, blue eyes are not inheritable. And, they’re impossible without white fur on the face(unless they’re an ojos azules). But let’s say blue eyes were inheritable. Feathertail would get her eyes from her mother. Or, y’know, if she had white on her face. That would work too.
Both parents are gray/silver, resulting in gray/silver kits!
And, Stormfur gets his eyes from Graystripe. 😛

What do you think? Notice any other accurate cats? See anything incorrect in this article? Please, tell me in the comments! 😀

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  • Except Squirrelflight isn’t right. Genetically Firestar would be a black tabby not red. His mother was a brown tabby and his father red. Since male cats can only inherit color from their mothers, Firestar could only ever be a black tabby. Sandstorm is a cream (dilute) tortie, so combining Sandstorm’s red gene with Firestar’s black gene and that would mean Squrrelflight would have to be a tortie. If Firestar were red she could’ve been red as well but he’s not, so she would only inherit one copy of the red gene and would be tortie.

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