A little further into why I love Hollyleaf so much by Mangonose

Mangonose shares why they love Hollyleaf. How do you feel about this former ThunderClan cat?

Art by NeCroven

Oki so i dont expect a lot of ppl to see this, but I love Hollyleaf a little too much, so im ganna go into why i love her so much owo

so first ill talk about why i think that most of the reasons ppl hate her are not true or shouldnt be hated.
1. shes a mary sure
ok so ive seen that a little bit, and this is wut i have to say to that: really?
ok so lets go straight into some of the things she’s done. do u think someone with no personality has the guts to KILL somebody, fake their death, and come back like “hey dudes, missed ya! glad to be back!”
and i dont want to spend to long on that so ill stop.

2. she killed ashfur
think about it. do u want a life changing secret to be told to everybody, even when its non of their business? no. was he going to be convinced into not telling everyone? no. so wut options do u have? to kill them, OR to tell somebody else (in this case firestar)
and was she going to tell firestar something that could get her and her littermates exiled? no. and thats all i have to say

3. she overreacted to her being half clan
put this in ur point of view plz.
im going to use ur parents as an example if thats oki
ok so think of it like this: u care about ur parents more than anything else in the world. and without them, not only the other ppl u love will be destroyed, but u most of all. but then u find out that ur birth alone almost killed her, and she got a condition, and it kicked in one say, and they died (srry to get so dark idk how else to put it).
but its like that for her. when she found out her birth itself broke the code, she couldnt handle her emotions, understandably. she was lied to her whole life, and the truth came out when she was almost about to DIE. D I E.

i think ive said enough, now lets get into why i love her so much.
as soon as she was introduced, i felt a connection with her. she cared about her litter mates, had pride in herself, and was sort of a show off in a way (medicine cat apprentice). she decided that being a medicine cat was not what she wanted, and had the guts to tell her kin and mentor that this wasnt wut she wanted. and then Brakenfur mentored her very well, and she became an awesome warrior. i also love in eclipse how she went crawling to shadowclan when onestar decided that thunderclan sucked lol. anyways, in the “fire scene” she was so brave. yes, lionblaze was the bravest, but idk wut they wouldve done without her. lionblaze couldve actually died, and she helped jayfeather a little. could u ask for more? not rlly

and then in sunset she was completely depressed. she didnt know wut to do, and having the burden of her “feather” thinking that they were kin must’ve been awful. she was still young, and didnt understand why squirrelf did wut she did.
and when leafpool told her that she knew she killed ashfur, she didnt beg for forgiveness, she knew wut she wanted, and she was determined to get the answer no matter wut. and when the gathering came, she couldnt take all the lies, and left, which i respect. leaving her clan was rlly hard, and she always knew her heart lied in thunderclan.

she made sacrifices, she isnt perfect (to me she is tho), and she died saving ivypool (ill never think of hawkfrost the same ever again)

oki ty for reading, and srry if this wasnt the best QwO

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  • I still dislike Hollyleaf, despite my temper being cooled down by Hollyleaf’s Story. She’s still an annoying cat, caring about the warrior code so much but still breaking it. Hypocrites are whom I hate, though it seems like it’s just a necessary trait.

    Her hypocrisy bugs me so much.

    She can’t be a Mary Sue, and the argument of Mary Sue irritates me so much. Although she’s never going to be in my list of favorites, she’s still not the Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Mapleshade, Scourge types.

    The reason she was so uncomfortable with her birth was because she valued the code with her life. Leafpool says so in Crowfeather’s Trial: “Hollyleaf was the one who couldn’t stand being half-Clan.” or something like that.
    I don’t understand why that makes her kill, or attempt to at all.

    Trust me, I’ve put myself in the Three’s paws, but I don’t get them, especially Hollyleaf. But she’s a dislike character for me.

    • i respect your opinion. but i quite disagree with you. She cared about the warrior code so much but still breaking it……. the warrior code says ‘An honorable warrior does not need to kill other cats to win their battles, unless they are outside the warrior code or if it is necessary for self-defense.’,and Ashfur is necessary for self-defense. I know it doesn’t make it reasonable for killing. But she killed him to keep a life changing secret,but she realized nothing changed- it didn’t change that she was still a half clan cat,and she was tired with all the lies that she burst with it in the gathering.

    • I have to disagree. I think Li’l Holf (as I call her) Is wonderful. She follows the warrior code, but still has respectable mistakes. She had a few scars in the past, but she actually is an angel in the end.

  • I still hate her, because even when she killed Ashfur to stop her secret from being told, then she went and just told everyone anyway. So she killed Ashfur for no reason. Also, she is always like, “yeah, follow the warrior code cause you should.” And then she goes and kills a cat and is still all up in other’s buisness for following the code. H-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e.

    No offence. But I hate her.

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