Naming Warriors without their full name by Splashkit

Splashkit gives warrior names to characters in the series who never received theirs.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Hello BlogClan! Splashfeather/Splashy here today/tonight (whatever time it is when you’re reading this) with my second article! Woohoo! Today I’m going to give dead kits and apprentices warrior names! And maybe I’ll sneak in a few Warriors names for those who didn’t get them….mwa ha ha…Yay! (Also, I feel like you might notice a theme here…I love naming!) Ok, onto the article…..
1. Swiftpaw- Swiftfoot. I mean, it totally makes sense, ’cause if you’re fast, or Swift, than you have to have feet/paws And, to be honest, I sounds pretty good, if I do say so myself 😀
2.Petalkit, Patchkit, Larchkit- I’m going to say….Petalblossom, because, well, it just kinda makes sense. Patchheart for his kindness, and cuteness to Mapleshade. Larchbark, or Larchwood, because a Larch is a tree, and I couldn’t think of anything else.
3. Ravenpaw- Yes, I know, he refused a warrior name, but if he hadn’t here is what I would think….Ravenfeather, for his kindness and gentleness. Ravenflight, maybe, for the way he flew, or ran away from Tigerstar, but forged a new path for himself.
4. Hollykit and Larchkit- Hollyheart, because of her loyalty and kindnesss, or Holybright maybe, because it sounds good, and works for her cuteness (she looks just like Dustpelt!) For Larchkit, maybe Larchdust, as -dust stands for carefree-ness, and cooperation. She is seen playing in a puddle of rain: carefree; She pounces on Ravenpaw’s tail, then gets scolded by Ferncloud and doesn’t do it again: carefree, cooperation
5. Shrewpaw- Gosh, poor Ferncloud! Two dead kits in one day! Shrewclaw (I know its already cannon, but..) for his loyalty, and determination to catch that pheasant. Or Shrewflight, or Shrewheart
6. Splashkit and Morningkit- We don’t know much about them, so I’m going to give names that sound good. Morningfire, or Morningdawn for Morningkit, and Splashpelt or Splashstream for Splashkit
7. Mosskit- Mossheart, Mossfrost, Mosspool, either could work, It’s been a while since I read BP, so…yeah
8. Snowkit- Snowear, Snowheart, Snowfire, Snowfire for his accepting-nesss of his disability, Snowear for his disability, Snowheart for his kindness
9. Sweetpaw- Sweetheart- Do I even have to explain? Sweetmist, maybe Sweetmouse
10. Duskpaw- Duskfire, Duskclaw, Duskbelly for his loving of food
11. Snipkit- Snipcloud, maybe, for her white, and for Tinycloud being the one to find her dead body
12. Brook Where Small Fish Swim- Brookfish, Brookstream, Brookmist
13. Millie- I really don’t know for her….Silvercloud? Silverpelt? Blue-eyes?
14. Daisy- Daisyheart, Daisycloud
15. Boulder- Boulderheart, Boulderclaw

Comment in the comments if you have other names or ideas, or if i made any mistakes!

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