Comparing Warrior Cats and Doctor Who by Redblaze

Redblaze looks at the similarities between Doctor Who and Warriors books.

Art by Juanmao (juanmao1997 on Twitter)

Warning: major spoilers for The prophecies begin, Firestar’s Quest, Omen of The Stars and A vision of Shadows as well as spoilers for the Doctor Who episodes Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday and Day of the Doctor.

Hello, Redblaze here and today I will be talking about one of my favourite TV programmes and one of my favourite book series!
Let’s start with characters.
Rose- Sandstorm
I put these two together because they’re both feisty, adventure-loving and loyal to the end. They’re also similar because, although a little scornful at first they both have affections for the main character. They have saved each other’s lives many times. Similar to Rose being unfazed by her many alien encounters, Sandstorm is unafraid to battle evil spirits and rat swarms to defend others.
Amy- Squirrelflight
These are both fiery gingers with hot tempers and strong opinions that they won’t hesitate to tell you about. Both Squirrelflight and Amy aren’t afraid to stick up for what they believe in and will keep going- even if there are evil doubles of their boyfriends. They also both have a confusing family with children who aren’t quite what they seem……
Missy- Mapleshade
They’re mad, bad and proud of it! They don’t hesitate to kill to get what they want and remain extremely stylish and awesome whilst doing it. Despite their obvious insanity and evilness, these two girls have a huge fanbase. Maybe this should worry us more than it does.
Rory- Jayfeather
These two are similar because they can be extremely grumpy and prickly on the outside and yet, really, are both big softies. They may find it hard to forgive past wrongs but will stick by their loved ones to the end.
(This just gave me the idea for Squirrelflight x Jayfeather. Yes, I ship it who cares that they’re really closely related)
The Doctor- Crowfeather
The Doctor is an interesting one because, despite his heroics he has many flaws which makes him an interesting character unlike some (I’m looking at you Firestar!) The Doctor tries his best but often ends up offending people with his manner and can often come across as cold and distant to those he loves. I think this is just like Crowfeather!

Now let’s look at some events in Warriors that mirror those in Doctor Who.
The Battle against BloodClan
In the episodes Army of Ghosts and Doomsday, we see Earth invaded by the Cybermen (these are like TigerClan) only for them to be destroyed by a sudden and unexpected bigger threat- the Daleks! (Scourge and BloodClan). This is extremely similar to Tigerstar attempting to take over the forest and then being killed by Scourge who launches a much more dangerous campaign. In Doomsday, The Daleks are inevitably defeated by The Doctor whilst, in The Darkest Hour, Scourge is killed by Firestar.
The Great Battle
This I can relate to the conflict between the Daleks on the Game Station in Bad Wolf and The Parting of Ways. The Daleks, of course, are the Dark Forest- hate filled and seeking revenge. Lynda Moss I think is like Spottedleaf- an innocent martyr. Captain Jack is definitely Lionblaze whilst Rose is Ivypool and the man whose name I’ve forgotten who played Weakest Link with her is Breezepelt or Antpelt. Both of these battles are desperate and dramatic!
SkyClan’s Exile
As we know, SkyClan was cast out of the forest and basically completely destroyed until it was brought back by Firestar. This is kind of similar to the episode Day of the Doctor (please don’t read this if you haven’t watched it because there are major spoilers!) where Gallifrey, the planet of the time lords in the constellation Casterburus, was thought to be destroyed but was saved by The Doctors (no, that is not a typo doctors was meant to be plural). SkyClan and Gallifrey were both saved from extinction by the main characters (except there weren’t three Firestars….. hmmm).

Hope you enjoyed it! Let me know what you think in the comments- maybe I even turned a few of you into viewers!

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  • halfpaw who finally drew her profile pic and is the fluffiest chimera cat who used to be cinnamonpaw who likes indie pop (you can call me pumpkin/cinnamon/halfpaw/ or halfheart) says:

    nice article! πŸ˜›

  • Nice article! im just going to pretend you didn’t ship jayfeather with his adopted mother though

  • I’ve never watched Doctor Who, but from what you said about the characters in this article, it’s easy to see that they fit the Warrior cats you compared them with perfectly!
    Blossomfall defender

  • Cool article! πŸ˜€
    I mostly agree with you apart from shipping Jayfeather and Squirrelflight, Rory being grumpy and the doctor being able to be compared to one character.

    I don’t think Rory was grumpy, he was just slightly jealous of the doctor and defensive of Amy. Amy kind of pushes him aside and is quite self-obsessed and unobservant of him. Like literally she thought he was gay just because she never realised he’d loved her for years!! πŸ˜› Rory becomes jealous of the Doctor, who is loud and exciting, because he is yet another thing for Amy to ignore him over and Rory doesn’t want to lose her. But I absolutely love Rory and Amy, it’s my favourite ship in doctor who and oh my gosh The Daleks’ Asylum, it made me so so happy!!!! πŸ˜›

    And also I don’t think the doctor is comparable to one character as their personality changes almost entirely every regeneration. There is no cat in warriors like that so I think each doctor would need to be compared to a different warriors character!

    Anddddd Missy is the best!!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ And please do River Song!! πŸ˜›

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