My 5 LEAST FAVOURITE Warrior Cats Brambleheart

Brambleheart shares their least favourite characters from the series.

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Hey everyone! The Warriors series has a ton of characters. Some of them, like Jayfeather, Firestar, and Squirrelflight are beloved by the community, but there are also some more… questionable cats, which , along with some others, dislike. So in this article, I will be counting down my five least favourite Warrior cats characters.

Before I begin, though, I would like to say that this list is purely my opinion. You may disagree with what I say, which is fine, but please respect my opinions, as I respect yours! So, let’s get on with the list!

Number 5: Rainflower

Rainflower was an abusive mother. She made her son, Stormkit feel worthless and neglected, and belittled him for a disability caused by a broken jaw. She even renamed him Crookedkit to rub all of his pain in. Rainflower’s negligence and refusal to accept her son made it so that her mate, Shellheart, broke up with her. Not only did she neglect Crookedstar, but she favoured Oakheart, to the point where she used Shellheart’s position as Clan deputy to have Oakkit have his father as a mentor. The worst thing about what Rainflower did was that it led to poor Crookedstar being manipulated by Mapleshade for his entire life!

Numner 4: Oakstar

Oakstar. Is. Awful. First, he broke the warrior code by putting Mapleshade’s kits in danger! Second, shortly after the death of Birchface and Frecklewish, he became mates with Sweetbriar, who was younger than both of his children. Honestly, that is disgusting. He and Sweetbriar had Pinestar, which is okay, I guess, but his kit would later go on to leave his Clan behind, leading to a young Tigerstar growing bitter and brutal. Oakstar’s behaviour led to the rise of Mapleshade and the way he arrogantly fathered Pinestar led to the younger cat feeling too stressed out with responsibilities later in life and leaving Tigerkit to grow evil.

Number 3: Bumblestripe

Bumblestripe is a stalker. Enough said. He is shown to be extremely possessive over Dovewing, who just wanted to spend time with Tigerheart. When Dovewing tells him that she isn’t interested, Bumblestripe just brings is other cats (who have nothing to do with this situation) to manipulate Dovewing into being his mate! At Bumblestripe’s worst, though, he disrespected Purdy’s dead body to ask Dovewing for kittens. Dovewing had every right to go to ShdowClan after what she had gone through, and I’m glad she did. Bumblestripe didn’t do much after Dovewing left, albeit he was a bit bitter. Let’s hope this came through, as Bumblestripe becoming an Ashfur would be very… unsettling.

Number 2: Thistleclaw

You think Oakheart and Bumblestripe were disgusting? Well, Thistleclaw takes this to a whole other level. First up, he trained Tigerpaw and fueled the apprentice’s evil mindset. Second, while he had a perfectly good relationship with Snowfur before she died, Thistleclaw decided to do something more awful. Thistleclaw took… special interest in kit–Spottedkit. He would play with her, which was a bit sweet at first, but after Spottedkit became an apprentice, Thistleclaw decided to stalk her and say why they should be mates. Let me say it again. A full grown cat with a son who is about to become a warrior being possessive over another cat just barely out of the nursery. DISGUSTING.


I REALLY DISLIKE MAPLESHADE. She was manipulative, arrogant and entitled–before her murder spree. Mapleshade lied and manipulated so that her kits could live the “perfect life”, when in reality, her actions put the kits in more danger. Worst still, after she was exiled (although I admit that exiling the kits was a bit too far, like, could Oakstar had just exiled Mapleshade?), Mapleshade made the STUPID decision of making her kits swim in a flooded, dangerous river when just earlier that day, Appledusk had told her that bringing kits to the river was dangerous. Then her murder spree happened. I can see why she did the things she did, but in reality Mapleshade was never much better than the cats she loathed so much.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article, and be sure to comment down your thoughts. I will see you in the next article, so for now, bye!

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