Cadvent 6

Let’s start with a picture found by Mojocloud. Thank you, Mojo. You’ve sent in some brilliant suggestions this Cadvent and I am delighted to share them. They really set the perfect tone for a sparkly, merry Cadvent. 💖🎄

Next, a seasonal chicken. Even better, a BlogClan pet chicken! Say hello to Pinestripe’s pet chicken, Pepe. He has his own bauble, of course! 🥳 (Wait, if Pepe is a he, does that make him a rooster?) Thank you, Pinestripe. We officially love Pepe. 💖

BlogClan art next, a gorgeous picture of Squirrelflight enjoying the snow, by Irispaw. Thanks, Irispaw. She’s fabulous 🌟

Here’s a snow young kit found by Starkit. Very cute! Thank you, Starkit ☃️

Our final picture for the day was suggested by Sunnypaw. I have a special affection for this one because it looks almost exactly like my late cat, Miu MIu, who was one of the best cats I’ve ever know. I still miss him! 💖

Cute cat lying on carpet with Christmas decor
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❄️Moons waning over frosted spirits•Moonspirit❄️
❄️Moons waning over frosted spirits•Moonspirit❄️
December 6, 2020 9:49 pm

pepe is so cute! my guinea pig’s named pepe too :0

Fernpaw • Fern that Drifts in the Breeze
Fernkit • Fern that Drifts in the Breeze
December 6, 2020 10:06 pm

I love them all!

I’d send a photo of my cat, but he’s not the festive type. 😛 Maybe he’ll sit under the Christmas tree when we put it up?

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