Cadvent 7

Cadvent is late today! So I’ll make it quick. (Very busy writing the Leopardstar SE! 🥳)

Riverfrost found this awesome picture of two snuggly cats. ❤️

Two cats hide under the blanket. Outside, the winter snow. The concept of home comfort, security, warmth

Another BlogClan pet! Blueheart’s cockatiel, Toby. “This is my cockatiel, Toby. He’s 13 years old, and has major anxiety. He won’t come out of his cage or let you pet him (which is why he has a festive blanket on instead of anything more “invasive”). He’ll pretend like he’s going to bite you but he never does. 🥰 But he’s super sweet and loves to knock on the bars of his cage, call himself “pretty bird” and scream “Charlie” rapidly over and over again because he thinks that’s his name. 😛 Oh, and he also whistles the Addams Family them song. 🎶 And he goes nuts whenever he hears whistling. 😛”

We love Toby! ☃️

Cinderpaw found this very cute Christmas kitty! 🥰

And I love Dovepaw’s drawing of Graystripe. ❤️

Finally, Poppypaw found this warm and twinkly picture of a very dignified looking cat. ❄️

Thank you, all for today’s wonderful contributions! 💖


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