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Official spoiler page for The Broken Code #6!

Welcome to the official discussion page for the sixth book in The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist!

Once The Place of No Stars comes out, this page will be turned into a spoiler page and our spoiler policy will be applied to it!

Happy discussing!

April 7, 2021 update: This page is now a spoiler page!


When fear reigns supreme, only hope can save the Clans.

The impostor’s reign of terror has brought the Clans to the brink of destruction, and now, every warrior—living and dead—must unite to defeat him before he delivers his final blow. To ensure their future and protect their past, StarClan, the Dark Forest, and all five Clans must band together to turn back the tide of darkness—before the impostor’s fury destroys them all.

Embers of an Autumn Dawn (Emberdawn)

Writer, photographer, moderator


  • Bro! Bristlefrostttt like, they gave us a character and made us connect with her, AND THEN THEY KILLED HER OFFDFVHDFLDSFJGDHGHGEFVBDFBVDBSVLJBSC WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY US, POOR rEaDeRs, WHY US? WHY MAKE US EXPERIENCE THIS HARDSHIP?!?!

    im in spain without the s 🙂

  • – I am so so disappointed about Bristlefrost’s death… I know it was honorable and noble and all, but it left a big empty feeling in my chest, like I was feeling the grief of the surviving characters. I legit cried. I had a sinking feeling that a cat on the good side would succumb to a death in the dark forest, but I had assumed it would have been someone like Needletail or one of the trapped spirit cats. The way Rootspring thought to himself about how he shouldn’t have dared to hope so far into the future really hurt me, as those were my exact thoughts after a relationship of my own ended suddenly. I’ll be grieving for Bristlefrost for some time.
    – On another note, I’m surprised that Bramblestar made it out of this situation alive. I thought for sure that he was doomed.
    -I was pretty giddy when I saw that Firestar had come to help.

  • SnailTail 🐌✨ (She/Her) ✨👾°Christian° 🌵°Asexual° 🖤🩶🤍💜 (Snail that Rests On Sunlit Leaf) 🌿 Snail of the Stars 🌌🌟🌠 Just call me Snail 🐌💖 Hamilton is the best y'all 🎶🎶🎶 says:

    R.I.P Bristlebro 😔

  • 🎄🏠 "When I grow up and get married, I'm living alone!" 🏠 🎄 || A ✨ festive ✨ Flamepaw/spirit (Flamilton, Flam) is READY FOR CHRISTMAS!!! || ⛄ Ospreysplash's jolly appendix says:

    Why oh why did I decide that rereading Briss’ death scene was a good idea 🥹 🥹 😭 😭 😭 😭

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