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Welcome to the official discussion page for the sixth book in The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist!

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When fear reigns supreme, only hope can save the Clans.

The impostor’s reign of terror has brought the Clans to the brink of destruction, and now, every warrior—living and dead—must unite to defeat him before he delivers his final blow. To ensure their future and protect their past, StarClan, the Dark Forest, and all five Clans must band together to turn back the tide of darkness—before the impostor’s fury destroys them all.

Embers of an Autumn Dawn (Emberdawn)

Writer, photographer, moderator


  • please please let Bristlefrost do something in this book

    as long as it isn’t mooning over Rootspring
    i feel like since she stopped spying on Bramblefake all she’s been doing is following Rootspring around and apparently she was friends with Shadowsight all this time?? Idk it feels like the three POV characters became friends pretty fast, although Shadowsight barely knew Bristle as well as Bristle knew Rootspring(and even THeiR relationship happened really fast ;v;)

    anyway i’m still pretty curious about this book and i can’t wait to finally read itt

    • I think Bristlefrost did a lot in this book. She went to the dark forest twice, she fetched one of the medicine cats, she was there for willowshine’s death, and a lot more. She only started thinking about Rootspring after he was pulled into the dark forest. It’s so unfair that people want her to pretend nothing happened to him and stop thinking about him. The cat she loves is almost dead, do you want her to stop thinking about him? She’s my favourite character and I’m gonna defend Bristlefrost until I die and I’m so tired of seeing this comment repeated over and over again. This is not hating towards you so please don’t think that. I’m just defending her and sharing my opinions:3

    • Root and Shadow did meet in one of the first three books I don’t remember which but it’s probably the first book. In response to the whole Bristle not knowing Shadow too well and now they’re somehow friends it’s prolly through some introduction on Root’s part?

  • hi Kate,
    Will Beetlewhisker appear and do something in book 6? He might still be stuck inside the Dark Forest after he got killed by brokenstar…
    also, unrelated but did the clan cats that died in avos go to starclan? (ie petalfur)

  • Swirlpaw/feather | Swirling Feather | Swirling Wind that Carries Feather | Swirly | who will emerge says:


    (All jokes ily erins)

    • Absolutely I’m not a big Lionblaze fan so I love him being demoted by myself our lovely friend Graystripe!

  • I am counting the days until this releases..
    my wishes:

    1. Do NOT kill Rootspring. Whatever happens please, PLEASE PLEASE don’t kill him.

    2. Bristlefrost and Rootspring get together. I’ve wanted this for a while now. BristleRoot is my favourite ship and I really want this to happen

    3. Change the warrior code so cats can take mates in different clans AND so medicine cats can have mates and kits.

    4. Make the great battle against ashfur more interesting than the last one

    5. Have Bristlefrost/Squirrelflight/Rootspring/
    Bramblestar/Shadowsight face off with Ashfur in the battle. Ashfur has done a lot of damage to all of these cats, so I would like it if they defeated him in the final battle. Even better, they could all work together to kill Ashfur.

    6. Kill off Bramblestar. Please kill Bramblestar, I don’t care how it happens just kill him.

    These are all my wishes but if number 1, 2, and 3 happen, that’s good enough for me! Also Kate wrote the book, so I have pretty high hopes for this. Kate wrote Darkness Within, which is by far my favourite book. I really hope I’ll be satisfied with alitm, and I’m super excited to read it!

  • Ok, first of all……
    Sorry but seriously they have to be literally my favorite 2-clan relationship ever. In all the series. Not a joke. PLS KATE DON’T KILL THEM OR KEEP THEM APART OR THERE WILL BE AT LEAST ONE LESS PERSON IN THE WORLD.
    Second: Kate, what will the POV be for the next series?
    Third: Pls do Bristlefrost’s and Rootspring’s kits PLS!!

    • OH MY GOD EMBERSHADE I DO SO AGREE WITH YOU!!! I will faint if anything happens to either of them. PLEASE PLEASE LET THEM GET TOGETHER. Waiting for alitm is pretty hard for me because of the cliffhanger in TPONS. If rootspring dies… it’s too horrible to imagine. IM WITH YOU! THERE WONT BE ONE LESS PERSON IN THE WORLD THERE WILL BE 2! (Me too) Kate, I know you finished writing it in December and I really hope you had them get together.

  • Honestly, this really cool StarClan and DF action kind of worries me. It’s amazing and interesting, but I’m worried they won’t able to top this after the “A Starless Clan” arc. What if Warriors ends there? Because I think this is where the action really peaks, and now border fights and such seem really boring…

    • I mean, the next series would be a good ending point for it. If it does end, I will be sad, but I will be satisfied with the ending if it is good. And I mean, ya never know, the warrior code might change like some theorists say and we may not even have borders at all..

  • Welp, a few months until this comes out. After I read this book, future me, can you tell me what it was like?

  • I honestly don’t like Bristle x Root it happened way too fast for my taste but what can one do? But one thing I do want majorly is a dead Bramblestar he’s just…annoying to say the least. Other than that I wanna Crowstar and a Squirrelstar other than that I’m good.

  • Do you think that Bristlefrost and Rootspring will get to be together for the rest of their life? Do you think the warrior code will change and allow half-clan relations?

    • Yes! I do! (At least I hope so because I’m hoping for BristleXRoot to happen)

      4. More. Months. Until. A light in the mist. How much longer.. this wait is torturous