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Welcome to the official discussion page for the sixth book in The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist!

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When fear reigns supreme, only hope can save the Clans.

The impostor’s reign of terror has brought the Clans to the brink of destruction, and now, every warrior—living and dead—must unite to defeat him before he delivers his final blow. To ensure their future and protect their past, StarClan, the Dark Forest, and all five Clans must band together to turn back the tide of darkness—before the impostor’s fury destroys them all.

Embers of a Winter Dawn (Emberdawn)

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  • Hi Kate! I have a question for you. In a Veil Of Shadows, Bumblestripe and Berrynose compete for the position of deputy once Squirrelflight is exiled. Then, in Darkness Within, Bumblestripe tries to break up Thornclaw and Lionblaze in their arguing saying that ‘Warriors shouldnt compete for the position of deputy’ or something along those lines. This was really really funny to me and I was wondering if it was an intentional gag, because it was never acknowledged by the narrative. Bristlefrost witnessed both these scenes but I dont think if she remembered would she take it upon herself to call Bumblestripe out. I’d say some cat like Thriftear or either Thornclaw and Lionblaze who were arguing in the first place would be a good fit to call it out.

      • Is Whitestorm really Ashfur’s father? If he was then why wasn’t he particulary fatherly towards him and Ferncloud.

        • Whitestorm is Ashfur’s father?! I’d better add a note to my allegiance list. I turn my back for a second and cats get all related and stuff.

          • I don’t think Whitestorm is their father. It doesn’t make sense for him to do that to Willowpelt who is confirmed his mate in TPB when she has Sorreltail, Sootfur, and Rainwhisker. He is shown to be excited for her to deliver her kits and even Firestar pins him as the father. He doesn’t seem the type to two time. It makes more sense for Brindleface to be mates with someone more like Runningwind, a tom close to her age and available to be mates with and definitely not mates with Dappletail as she was far older than he was and was an elder when Firestar joined ThunderClan. Runningwind and Brindleface both were killed by Tigerstar and that could put more trauma into Ashfur. Whitestorm being the father of Sorreltail, Rainwhisker, and Sootfur could also make him the father of Graystripe as it was confirmed in his SE that Willowpelt is in fact his mother. With that included, according to some sources she’s also Darkstripe’s mom and that would mean Whitestorm is also his dad. I just don’t think that Whitestorm would do that to Willowpelt. He’s presented as a loyal cat.

  • Ok, so… theory time 😛 Spoilers for TPoNS

    What if… Rootspring was killed in the Dark Forest? In the last chapter of TPoNS, we see Rootspring and Snowtuft fighting. Snowtuft looks reluctant to be following Ashfur’s orders, while with Rootspring… Nothing is mentioned about him! And, right before this, Rootspring was attacked by a DF cat. Why wouldn’t Rootspring be reluctant? Why didn’t Bristlefrost describe his emotions at all when all book she was (Very out of character) worrying about Rootspring? Maybe because she subconsciously didn’t register that his face was blank or something. This could lead to many different routes.
    1. Rootspring could just pull a Squirrelflight and come back to life. If my theory is correct, I’m really hoping this isn’t what happens, because overall, this just seems lazy, especially since Shadowsight also pulled a Squirrelflight in Veil of Shadows. (Twice!)
    2. Bristlefrost has to learn to live without him. In DW and TPoNS, we see Bristle basically obsess over Rootspring, with these two books almost mainly focusing on how much she’s in love with him and almost nothing else. Bristle really needs to just… step away from Rootspring. He has been nothing but a good cat, but to me, this seems really like an Ashfur situation in the making. Maybe in his memory, Bristlefrost could request that the rule about half-clan relationships be removed, or at the very least be thought over or changed. Maybe throw in the ‘Always listen to your leader because your leader’s always right’ part, because Bristlefrost should know by now, especially after the whole Brambleposter situation, that that part of the code can lead to big trouble.

    Anyways, this is a theory on ALitM! Feel free to add on to this, and give me some of your thoughts! 🙂

  • I have a theory about Bristlefrst and rootsprings relationship.
    I think that Leafpool will visit squirrel and/or bramblein a dream tell them be mates and I think Billy will visit Leafstar and tell her the same

  • I have a theory about Bristlefrst and rootsprings relationship.
    I think that Leafpool will visit squirrel and/or bramblein and tell them they can be mates
    and billy is gonna visit leafstar and tell her the same/
    And I think harestar dies and crow becomes leader

  • And Im guessing the tribe is going to help them cause they havent been visited since shadowsight was a kit

  • Anyone else hope that bristlefrost will break up with rootspring? Idk I just don’t want them to have to sacrifice something that makes then happy to be with each other. That would just be sad. maybe they’ll change the code, but I doubt it.

    I also hope that (if) one of the main POV character’s are killed off then its rootspring or shadowsight, Bristlefrost needs to be there for spotfur.

    And I’d like if bristlefrost didn’t have kits, but just had a romantic relationship with rootspring if they do become mates. I think that be adorable. (Or maybe they adopt kits, but not spotfur’s I’d be so upset if they killed her)

    Also flipclaw, he’s cute. Just wanted to mention him

  • Hey Kate! Out of curiosity, do you know if cats that don’t have mates at the moment will get some in the future? This especially goes to cats like Cherryfall, Molewhisker, and Stormcloud since they aren’t related to the major family tree as much as everyone else (I’m looking at the family tree of living cats in ThunderClan right now and a lot of pre-existing mates have the same overall bloodline).

  • So so I have a theory about what might happen in this book. 😛
    So you know how Snowtuff is getting a bigger role in this arc. In TPoNS Snowtuff mentioned that he doesn’t remember his past and that he’s slowly fading away. So I think in this book his past will be revealed and by the end he’ll either get accepted by Starclan or fade away completely, maybe before that he’ll possibly meet someone he knew from the past that’s from Starclan. And since in the blurb it mentioned that the Clans are going to have to team up with the Dark Forest. I feel like Mapleshade is going to get a bigger role in this book, and possibly maybe even meet her dead kits. That’s all.

  • I’ve got a theory as to how this book might end:

    Bramblestar, now back in the real world, ends up dying by saving flamepaw. Flamepaw feels an immense guilt for his death and his determination to live up to his family’s legacy is set up for the next arc. Squirrelflight becomes leader with Ivypool as her deputy(Because she’s on the possible SE list, I’d assume this is why.)

    Mothwing becomes temp RC med, yet later next arc she returns to shadowclan after mistystar still denies her two clanmates to join riverclan again.