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Welcome to the official discussion page for the sixth book in The Broken Code arc, A Light in the Mist!

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  • Hey Kate, which background character from any arc would be interesting to write about? For me, I find Larkwing, Minnowtail, Blazefire, and Cinnamontail interesting.

  • I have a feeling that Ashfur still controls Bramblestar’s spirit, like he does with Willowshine. Mistyfying everybody for the incoming final battle.

    I think Bramblestar will die in this book, Squirreflight becoming the New Leader If she survives with Bristlefrost as Deputy (or new Leader if Squirreflight dies).

    • I don’t think Bristlefrost’ll be deputy (she doesn’t have an apprentice and I just think she’s too young).
      I want Ivypool or Squirrelflight to be leader! But I prefer Ivypool.

      • I agree Ivypool would be a nice leader but I just don’t think she has enough experience in leading cats and handling tough situations. I think Squirrelflight would be a much better leader

        • I think she does…the Dark Forest was a tough situation and she persuaded some cats to change sides.
          Yeah, Squirrelflight would also be a good leader.

  • Why we need changes to the code.

    When Ashfur possessed Bramblestar, he was able to find errors in the code allowing him to basically do whatever he wanted. Examples: The code never said leaders could not eat first, and the leaders word is law.

    The leaders word is law has proved to be a weak code, allowing cats with evil intentions to easily execute their plan. This rule can be harmless if used by a leader does not abuse it, but it can easily let a bad leader have complete control over the clan.
    Some examples of this going wrong are

    Brokenstar – Taking over clans and breaking the code; resulting in many cats deaths
    Tigerstar – Taking over clans, ordering his clan to kill half-clan cats; Resulting in many cats death
    Rowanstar – Weak leadership, allowing the kin to take over. Later disbanding shadowclan; resulting in many cats death
    The impostor – Using the code to to justify him breaking the other codes, and also using it to target other cats; Resulting in many cats death

    Filling in gaps:
    If we are to redo the code, we need to be very specific to what we want. Elders and kits were not fed first in lost stars because the code was not specific enough.

    Bringing back old traditions:
    A journey to the moonstone was a great tradition in the first arc. It could strengthen a cats faith in starclan or fill them with determination to become an honorable warrior.
    This isn’t a must, but it would be nice to see once in a while.

    Those are some of my opinions on the matter of redoing the code, I hope my message makes sense

    If the code is re-done, what else should they add;re-do; or take away to make sure the clans can stay strong for many seasons more?

  • It would actually be really easy for them to escape the Dark Forest. All they have to do is get Rootspring out.
    Rootspring traveled to the Dark Forest in his own body. That means the only way for him to escape is to use the route Bramblestar and Squirrelflight took. Shadowsight and Bristlefrost could use that route too, but they can also be pulled out by someone in the living world, waking them up. So really, all Shadowsight and Bristlefrost have to do is distract Ashfur so Rootspring can escape (perhaps by pretending they’ve found Squirrelflight-Ashfur tends to lose all his brain cells where she’s involved.) Once Rootspring’s free, they just have to survive long enough for him to make it out and wake them up.

  • Personally, I think Root might appear in this book.
    After all, Tree named Rootspring after Root(Tree’s father), and since Root is a spirit, he just might be able to help Rootspring in the dark forest; or maybe get possessed too-
    However, Root seems to appear often when his kin are in trouble(He in spirit form woke Tree and Pebbleshine to escape from Two-legs), and seems as such a wholesome father like Tree.

  • Opinion on bris x root:


    They’re a healthy relationship
    I like their interactions
    They’re cute together
    They both have similar morals and respect each others decisions


    A bit sudden ( It’s not a really bad thing, but would have liked a bit more development in the ship)

    Overall opinon:

    I don’t mind the ship, it just could use a bit more development. I would also like that neither of them would left their clan.

  • I’m so excited for this book, you have no idea… Waiting for so many months is going to be so hard!

    Here are some of my predictions/theories:

    -Snowtuft will either sacrifice himself or be offered a place in StarClan
    -There will be some changes to the warrior code, most notably the leader’s word will no longer be considered law, and inter-clan relationships will be permitted
    -Squirrelflight is the one who will ultimately defeat Ashfur (I am really hoping for this one tbh!! kick his butt >:3)
    -Mistystar will die
    -The dark forest will turn a good cat bad, as foreshadowed in TPoNS (Perhaps Shadowsight, since his chapters repeated that phrase a LOT.)

    • I really like them! Snowtuft dying would be a good topic for discussion- after all, he’s done some pretty terrible things, some of which we don’t even know about. Does his heroic actions balance out his crimes? Will the Clans grieve for him or will they be glad he’s gone? The warrior code definitely needs some changes as well- obviously the leader’s word is law, but also some clearer interpretations and allowance for changing situations. I think the medicine cats not having mates rule needs changing too- it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I’m not sure who will defeat Ashfur, but I hope it’s Squirrelflight. Mistystar dying would be a good setup for a RiverClan POV in arc 8, and if the Dark Forest turned Shadowsight evil, that would make a GREAT story! (Our first evil main-arc POV!)

    • I…actually want Mistystar to stay alive so she can become the immortal RiverClan leader
      yeah, i want Squirrelflight to defeat Ashfur too, but unfortunately the protagonists are probably going to do that 🙁 I hope she does anyway, though!

    • i think either Squirrelflight, Shadowsight, or Rootspring will defeat him. Squirrelflight cuz he took over her mates body and has done a lot of horrible thing to her, Shadowsight because in his eyes, he’s the reason that Ashfur was able to do all of the things he did, and Rootspring because in TPONS, it said that he was the only one who could stop the Dark Forest

      • Although, that was Ashfur saying that-

        “The luminous form bounded across he surface of the pool and halted in front of Rootspring. ‘Come quick,’ she meowed. ‘Only you can save Squirrelflight.”

        That’s kind of weird, though. Like Ashfur is saying, “YOU can defeat me! oh, and YOU can defeat me, too!”

  • After this arc I’d love a set of novella’s focusing on some of the dark forest cats we see such as silverhawk or snowtuft. Not much is known about the two so it be nice for some more detail on their background.

  • Hi !
    I was wondering, when we would eventually know the next arc’s name/its first book’s name ?
    I’m so excited I can’t wait to discover more about this new series !!

  • —WARNING: Spoilers for ‘Darkness Within’ ahead—

    (Re-post of an older comment from a different Spoiler Page under an old former Blogclan name)

    I somehow think that one or more of the next main characters for the 8th arc could be Spotfur’s kits, because when The Sisters performed a welcome ceremony for Spotfur’s unborn kits to wish them a good and long life, one of the Sisters (Snow) revealed to her that her kits are special.

    Also, the Warriors Hub website seems to be talking about Spotfur a lot from what I’ve heard. Haven’t been there in a while because it slows down my computer and crashes my internet browser when it’s overloaded, but it could be subtle foreshadowing from the site Editor on who one or all of the main protagonists are.

    I’m not saying that the main protagonists in the next arc are Spotfur’s kit(s), but it’s a possibility.


    • I think it will be one of Spotfur’s kits. They will need a ThunderClan POV to see how ThunderClan (and Bramblestar and Squirrelflight) heal from their trauma. I mean, unless these cats are all like “Well, it turns out the Moonpool is a portal to the Dark Forest and our leader’s lost his body and found it again, spirits are 100% real and bodies can be stolen by unhinged ex-StarClan psychopaths, sprits of dead cats can be mind-controlled and StarClan can be cut off from the living world if someone tries hard enough and we almost died 1,000,000 times in the last five-or-so seasons, but that’s all good, we’re fine now!”
      Somehow, I doubt it.