Cadvent 10

Today we have cosy, twinkly and snowy pictures. 🎄

The first was found by Blueheart. What a gorgeous fellow this cat is. ☃️

Jinx found the next one. 💖 I miss having a cat around at Christmas. I must find myself a kitten or two next year. Life without them is not the same. 🎁

Minktail found this fabulously snowy picture ❄️

And finally, we have some lovely BlogClan art. This is Violetkit by Frosnolga. Beautiful! 🥰

If you have any seasonal artwork or pet pictures, please send them in. There are still 14 more Cadvent days left! 🌟

Thank you, Frosnolga, Minktail, Blueheart and Jinx for today’s pictures ❤️


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