• The clans consist of:
    Puddleclan, Breezeclan, Lightningclan, Shadeclan, and Cloudclan
    And for anyone who wants to know if there are any open special positions,

    Deputy position is open for:
    Leader position is open for:
    Puddleclan, Breezeclan, Shadeclan, Cloudclan
    Medicine cat position is open for:
    Medicine cat apprentice position is open for:
    Breezeclan, Lightningclan, Shadeclan, Cloudclan

    The only normal role that’s closed is Puddleclan apprentice since we have a lot. If you guys don’t start making leaders soon, I’ll make the leaders. We need leaders.

  • *Name: Blacknight
    *Gender/pronouns:he/him male
    *Description: huge, broad-shuldered, pitch-black tom, with yellow eyes
    Personality:very aggresive, determind to make lightingclan the strongest in the forest, is really, really good at fighting, he is also very strict about the rules and loyal to the leader
    How important of a character they are: I would really appreciate if you made this charecter, like not the main charecter, but… something important at least, like a villian or something
    *Clan: Lightingclan
    *Rank/age: deputy, he is in his prime age right now
    Other info: His parents died when he was a kit and as a apprentice his only sister died as well, soo he grew up pretty lonely

  • *Name: Whitestar
    *Gender/pronouns: he/him male
    *Description: A big fluggy, white warrior with gray eyes
    Personality:warming, calm, focused, have a sense of humor
    How important of a character they are: just a side-charecter-leader
    *Rank/age: leader, very old
    Other info: he was a kittypet before he joined the clans

  • Lemonstar
    Leader of breezeclan
    Gender: Male
    Pronouns: He/him
    Description: Golden fur with darker golden splotches on his face, paws, and tail.
    Personality: Think sunfall

    • I take away Whitestar instead I make a 8 rouges.

      1. Name: Giga

      Description: Gray fur , one blue eye and one amber one

      Personality:He is one of the smarter cats of the rouge band that BN is occupying, he is also very arrogant, strong and one of the more important
      rouges in the band

      Gender: female

      pronouns. she/her
      2. Name Chick

      Description: Hazel-brown with dots and one white paw, he has green eyes

      personality: one of the better fighters of the band, aggressive

      gender: male

      pronouns: he/him

      3. Name Spike

      Description: Dark gray tom with more light colored stripes and he has brown eyes

      Personality: He is one of the more less important members of the band, he is just, you know “ruigy”

      gender: male

      proununs: he/him

      4. Name Crow

      Description: Darkie-gray almost black pelt with some black stripes and dots and she has yellow eyes

      personality: “Ruigy”, smart, sensible, she is in medium importance

      gender, female

      proununs. she/her

      5. (I will do three of the rouges at the same)

      Names: Sprint(1th), Jugger(2th), Mork(3th)(female(she/her),male(he/him),male(he/him))

      Description, 1th, a ginger cat with blue eyes, 2th Silver-colored male, with yellow eyes, 3th is a Black, fluffy tom with Amber eyes

      Prsonality. 1th is a hard, aggresive and tough, 2th calm, fierce and strong, 3th Mork is very aggresive and determind to kill, he is also one of the stronger members of the band

      And the last one is Branch

      gender: Male

      pronouns: he/him

      description: A golden-brown tom with blue eyes

      personality: he is just a random rouge, who is you know “ruigy” and some aggressivness

  • Duskstar
    Leader of ShadeClan
    Gender: Female
    Pronouns: She/her
    Description: Light brown she-cat with a white chest, underbelly, tail tip, and paws with yellow eyes
    Personality: Seems strict and mean on the outside, nice and kind on the inside

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