Characters that I think deserve a novella by Violetpaw

Violetpaw lists some cats who they think need a novella. Do you agree with this list?

Art by haruyo78

Hi im violetpaw and imma make another article…….
Who i think should get a novella and why
The first 2 i think ppl are gonna scream at me but i hv a reason why i want them and its not cuz i luke them

Sol needs a lot more development and i think he could become more likable if the erins just try. He just came out of nowhere, made an eclipse and ran away.
How does he know about the clans and eclipse?
Who was he born too?
Why does he hate the clans?

He also could be developed, we never get anything frkm him apart from he is bad. I want to see how he feels about it and why he chose to get rid of his kind side we see in spottedleaf’s heart

She is twigbranch and violetshine’s mum but we dont know anything about her
Why did she leave skyclan?
Why was she living in the middle of the road?

I want to know her perspective on loving jay’s wing a cat she doesnt know is from the future, how she copes with being the first stoneteller

we dont know a whole lot about her apart from that she doesnt like the rules and that she joins darktail.

Who is this badger?
How does she speak cat?
How does she connect with starclan?
Is it true that she might have been a cursed spirit, much like rock?
These questions about her need to be answered. I dont care that she isnt a cat she needs a novella.

Why was he cursed?
Who acctually was he when he was alive?
I would rather hv something about him being alive and a bit about him dead and why he has that horrible curse of knowing everything yet having to keep it a secret.

DotC was my fav arc yet there is no one that intresting to know about apart from these too. I would rather have them in a book together and each chapter is for 1 of them

The first villan in the history of the clans
Who was his mate?
Why does he look like that?
Why is he evil in genral?

She fought with the DF and then joined darktail. Why? What did she do when darktail died or when the DF failed to win?

when he was young. We dont have anything about why he is evil apart from that the clans gave him away. A theory i saw somewhere is that sol is his brother. This would be intresting

This would be a chance to find how starclan works. Also it would be intresting since she served the tribe of endless hunting too.

Iether one of these. Speceificly the dog attack part. If swiftpaw i wanna see how he prepared for this. If brightpaw, i wanna see how she coped with losing her friend and how she becomes friends with cloudtail and how she deals with her halfblindness and the name lostface. Now that i think of it it should be a brightheart only one starting with the dog fight and ending with her getting the name brightheart and her thinking about swiftpaws name. Like the tom and bumble one, i think each chapter should have one of them. The first chapter is swiftpaw the last chapter is brightpaw, maybe her name ceremony where she is thinking what name swiftpaw would have got.


what did he do before joining the clans?
We need more awesomeness. I just imagine it will be so sad when purdy goes home from exploring one day and finds his upwalker dead 🙁

There are so many characters who could be way more developed and intrestingbut now the erins just make them for boring characters. Listen to ur fans.

I think thats it for my list. Thanks.
Violetpaw out.

Note: i was gonna call this cats who deserve a novella but i remembered there was midnight and she is a badger….
☆ Okay bye ☆

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