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Shipping Warrior Cats Part 2- 10 more ships by Briarpaw

Briarpaw shares some ships from the series.

Art by M.Jay’s Warrior Art (tumblr)

Shipping Warriors Cats Part 2- 10 More Ships

Hey there! Briar here! I had some more ships in my head that I thought I’d share! Unlike last time, I will be accounting for clan and time period. Most of these ships contain cats that are around during the The Broken Code arc. (Actually, all of them are). These are in no particular order.

Alrighty, number one is…

Hollytuft x Shellfur!

This one randomly popped into my mind earlier today. While I don’t like Hollyleaf (okay, I’m pretty sure most of you know that about me, I’ll stop 😛 ) I do really like Hollytuft and I think she is underrated. I have only really seen Shellfur as an annoying furball, but I do think that Hollytuft would calm him down. I forgot to say this before, but comment below if you agree with these ships and comment who you ship.


Rootspring x Wrenpaw!

I do not ship Root x Bristle since I don’t like Bristlefrost (I think she’s annoying) and I think Rootspring deserves better. I noticed that Wrenpaw was really kind and gentle like her mother, Bellaleaf. They are also both yellow tabbies, so I think that’s cute, but I think they would be a perfect couple. They are also around the same age!

Number three is…

Needleclaw x Kitescratch!

Okay so I know we saw Kitescratch and Turtlecrawl to be mean and annoying in Lost Stars, but I don’t think Kitescratch is as mean as he seems and if I recall it correctly (I haven’t read LS in a while), Kitescratch was the nicer one. I could see this happening!

Next, for number four, we have…

Finchpaw x Myrtlepaw!

Yeegers I think this ship would be just adorable! I imagine Finchpaw to be kind of energetic like Squirrelflight when she was an apprentice. I think she inherited a little of that 😉 . Myrtlepaw I see as calmer, but still young and energetic! If they aren’t going to be a ship, I at least hope they can be good friends.


Baypaw x Flamepaw!

This kind of goes with Finchpaw x Myrtlepaw but I have always loved Baypaw and he’s one of the minor characters who I’ve been keeping an eye on! Meanwhile, Flamepaw- he seems kind and kind of nervous, it makes me want to hug him. I would love this!

Number 6…

Rootspring x Shadowsight!

I ship these dudes (Shadowsight’s my second choice for Rootpaw after Wrenpaw). We need a new gay couple but I don’t think we’re gonna have a medicine cat have a mate in a while.

Number 7…

Thriftear x Myrtlepaw

The canon warriors couples have all been male cat x male cat. I know people ship Mothpool, but I don’t think that’s canon and I don’t ship it anyway, Mothwing kinda annoys me…. But Thriftear and Myrtlepaw seemed like the natural couple.

Number 8:

Bristlefrost x Snaptooth!

In an earlier article I read, I saw that the person shipped these two, and I ship them as well! In TST (I think) Snaptooth was kind of flirting with Bristlefrost and I thought it was cute. It was probably just a friendship thing, but you never know…. (oop I feel like that sounded kind of creepy- I’ve been saying kind of a lot oof)

Number 9!

Honeyfur x Eaglewing

I shippeth ok I shippeth

For no apparent reason

And finally, number 10:

Molewhisker x Sorrelstripe!

I saw someone’s comment on how Molewhisker could be Baypaw and Myrtlepaw’s father and I immediately started shipping these two sdhgkshxanmzm

Unrelated but I think the reason it hasn’t been revealed yet is because it has a major part in the TBC arc! (Like her mate is a kittypet or a cat from another clan.)

Alrighty, I’m gonna go now


And I’ll see you around!


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