Cadvent 11

We’re nearly halfway there? Are you feeling ready for the Holidays? Have you had your first mince pie? Do you even have mince pies?

Let’s get started with today’s pics! ☃️ Coldheart found this. Their heart can’t truly be cold if they appreciate this photo ❤️

Here’s a picture Fallenfeather found. I do enjoy a snowy Christmas card scene. ❄️

Here’s one found by Iceflower. 🌟 Look at that little kitty face! 💖

And last, but not least, some BlogClan art. Here is Twoface with a holiday garland by Meadowstripe. 🥰

Thanks Meadowstripe, Iceflower, Coldheart and Fallenfeather. See you tomorrow! 🎄

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:Dawny is Breadclan deputy: |Meadowpaw|
:Dawny is Breadclan deputy: |Meadowpaw|
December 12, 2020 6:29 pm

Thanks for including Two-Face! (You can see why she’s named the way she is. I didn’t choose her name, though)

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