Cadvent 12

We’re halfway out of the dark (bonus points for anyone who gets the quote).

So, let’s begin, happy BlogClanners! 💖

Here is the first of four particularly snowy cat pics (how I wish I had snow! Do you have snow?). Iceflower found it. Gorgeous 🥰

Minktail found this handsome cat. Fluff out your fur, kittypet! It looks cold there ❄️

I love this one found by Rosettestream. Such fluffiness! 🌟

And finally, here’s one Topazkit found. Snowy loveliness and a very pretty kitty 💖

Thank you, Iceflower, Topazkit, Rosettestream and Minktail! Wonderful Cadvent pics 🎄❤️


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