My theories on Bramblestar’s Imposter and some other thoughts by Flowerleaf

Flowerleaf shares some thoughts on Bramblestar’s imposter.

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I finished the Silent Thaw and it was really good! I already have speculations about who the imposter might be. And of course, I think it’s Ashfur.
Spoiler Alert
The dog-luring tactic that was used to try to kill Sparkpelt is the same that Tigerstar the First used to kill his mother Brindleface. I can imagine him feeling really bad about what he’s doing.
I imagine Ashfur being apart of a bigger plan. When he was alive, he was mostly a follower. He helped Hawkfrost kill Firestar. I can’t imagine him doing all of this on his own. Whose plan do I think he was apart of? Maybe Spiresight’s plan. I haven’t read Tigerheart’s Shadow yet but I have heard that they find these cats called the guardian cats and change their whole lifestyle. Maybe Spiresight is changing the way they live in return?
Why do I suspect Spiresight? Because of the quote: “I won’t be thwarted. You saved my life, and because of that, you have ensured my success. Because once I’m back to full health, I’ll be able to bend any cat to my will… Just ask that skinny black cat with the yellow eyes.”
Spiresight is a skinny black cat with yellow eyes. And he’s a ghost. Bramblestar’s imposter has been seen arguing with “nothing” in the books.
I may have heard this somewhere before, but the imposter is probably causing chaos only because he was promised to be closer to Squirrelflight again.
Lions who take over prides kill the cubs of the lionesses there. I like to think of lions at how the imposter is targeting kin of Firestar and Squirrelflight and Bramblestar. He went for Sparkpelt, and when Lionblaze and Spotfur crossed the border, he only exiled Lionblaze!
When he began to possess Bramblestar, I think he felt like this:
(Ashfur stood up. He felt cold curl into his claws and sting his fur. He looked around, absorbing the familiarity of the forest. He hadn’t felt like this in so long. He observed the area around him and the cats watching him. Everything seemed so strange and new. Ashfur saw the wide, shocked eyes of his Clanmates. He saw Squirrelflight. Emotions welled up in his chest like water ready to flood. There was love there. And resentment. Squirrelflight was the cat he had come back for and she was never going to leave him again.)
And this is how I think he felt luring dogs:
(Ashfur snuck out of camp, a plump rabbit swinging from his jaws. He let the breeze hit him, striking his face with a painful sting. Almost as if triggered, regret and indecision fill his heart.
He remembered Brindleface, his mother. She had died this way. The old Tigerstar had lured dogs with the blood of prey and they had killed her. Ashfur silently felt guilty. Would StarClan ever forgive him?
He shook the thought away, his heart hardening. Sparkpelt was Squirrelflight’s kit, yes, but she was Squirrelflight and Bramblestar’s kit. She was a cat who never should have been born.
‘I should have been there,’ he thought bitterly, ‘to watch kits grow up proudly. It should have been me and Squirrelflight! Not Bramblestar!’
He paused, realising that he was sinking his teeth into the rabbit. He spat out blood and frowned, squinting around the forest. Where was he going? The forest looked different than he remembered it. He could catch some strange “SkyClan” border markings drifting around faintly in the air. Where did they come from? Trees had been grown and cut.
Ashfur wove his way through the trees. He could make out the faint image of the Twolegplace in the distance.
Bitter determination blackened his heart. Whatever guilt he felt was drowned in it, replaced by a cold emptiness. He had gone too far to turn around and give up.
He wasn’t going to run away and cower anymore.)
Something like that would explain Bramblestar’s Imposter’s reasoning for his attempted murder. Ashfur was blinded by love. He put his own selfishness above his Clan’s needs, trapping and causing Firestar to lose a life and trying to kill Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Hollyleaf.
The imposter does the same. He came back specifically for Squirrelflight. He has no experience in leading a Clan. He barely knows the cats or the territory. And he makes heavy hints that he used to know Squirrelflight before.
I know there are a lot of theories about who the imposter is and a lot of anger towards him but have we ever stopped to think about their reasoning and why they’re causing so much chaos? I’ve seen some blogs about this!
Overall, that was only a theory. I can’t wait to see what happens next and how the series will end.

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  • I also think Ashfur’s the Imposter! Of course I don’t know for sure, as I haven’t read Darkness Within (NO SPOILERS GUYS) but I’m almost positive it’s him!
    Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!

  • [spoiler title=”Small spoilers for Tigerheart’s Shadow and the beginning of Veil of Shadows”] But Spiresight isn’t evil. Spiresight and Shadowsight have a good relationship with each other and when the imposter attacked Shadowsight, Spiresight witnessed it as a ghost and he was horrified. I doubt Spiresight was part of the plan. I have finished reading yet though 😛 [/spoiler]

  • spoiler- Ashfur dragged squirrelflight to the dark forest so he gotta be the imposter

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