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The Imposter by Muffinpaw

Muffinpaw wonders who the imposter is. Who do you think it is?

Art by TheMoonfall

So, I Muffinpaw (For Once) has done research . I have found some cats with blue eyes and well some cats i might just have therys about. Here I go, my ideas about the imposter.

So, I hate this so much. I traveled to the wonderful moonpool. Guess who has dark blue eyes, MAPLESHADE. I really hope it is not her. She is an overused villain. Look at all these books Crookedstar’s promise, all of Omen Of The Stars, Tigerclaw’s fury, etc. Mapleshade is so overused. I really hope it is not her. I bet it will be, I mean who else can open the Dark Forest. Only another Dark Forest cat. I mean, the Dark Forest cats well have been villains like two series ago. Way too soon to use them.

Another VERY possible theory is, Ashfur. I again dislike this. He well, I really dislike him. I mean it is better than Mapleshade though. I still hate it. Ashfur wether you like it or not is a DECENT cat. I mean VERY emanational but still other than that a good cat. But it would make sense of mooning over Squirrelflight. But even so, Ashfur made peace with Squirrelflight, and accepted Bramblestar is her mate. So well I really think it is Ashfur.

An odd theory of mine is, Hawkfrost. IK ICY BLUE EYES. But, is she sure it was the imposter. What if it was the light. I mean he would never moon over Squirrelflight. But despite that he ends up higher on my list. I’d kinda like it if it was Hawkfrost. He is pretty underused after the Firestar thing. It would make a little sense. I mean IK nobody will like this theory.

Ok, IDK what color of eyes he has but Mudclaw. He hates Bramblestar. What if he never felt love and did not know how to act about Squirrelflight. I do know nobody will like this theory but, I do. He has never been a spotlight cat. This could be his time to shine. Even though i know t is not him i wish it was!

A theory i have been holding on to is really odd. Tigerclaw. IK he is dead for good. It just makes sense. He will return. It well has to come some time. We all know it. lol, The writers would never abandon TIGERSTARRRRRR! He almost took over the forest. I mean maybe, like in harry potter. He well needs to take another’s form to survive. IK his eyes are amber SO WHAT!

My Final Theory Is… BLUESTAR! She hates TIGER AND BRAMBLE she never supported his leadership. I mean. She has already gone mad once. We should know when The Place Of No Stars comes out.

Finalizing who it should be….
First positives

Mapleshade- Has Blue Eyes
Bluestar- Has Blue Eyes
Ashfur – Moons Over Squirrelflight, Has Blue eyes
Tigerclaw – hates Bramblestar
Mudclaw – hates Thunderclan and everything in general.
Hawkfrost – Hates BRAMBLESTAr

I Have to eleminate a cat, for i choose Bluestar, sh would never do it. I mean idk what i am thinking. She would never. Sure she dose dislike Bramblestar but she is a good cat.


Mapleshade – dose not moon over squirrelflight and she is a girl.
Ashfur – forgave Squirrelflight
Tigerclaw – AMBER eyes
Mudclaw – hates Squirrelflight and all of thunderclan
Hawkfrost – ICY BLUE eyes and dose not moon over squirrelflight.

I mean whoever the imposter is probably got help from her to get StarClan into the dark forest. Mapleshade whold have imposture Squirrelflight if she wanted to get that type of revenge. It also just dose not make sense. I do like this theory but the Squirrelflight part.

Reasons to do it

Tigerclaw – revenge on THUNDERCLAN
Ashfur – angry at SQUIRRELFLIGHT
Mudclaw – revenge on the CLANS
Hawkfrost – revenge on BRAMBLESTAR

I have to choose, Mudclaw. He still has a spirit and maybe his wish will be to destroy WindClan. Impostering Bramblestar would make no sense. I mean well he would wan revenge on Onestar and Tallstar. So it could never be, sadly I would have liked it.

Eye color

Ashfur – DARK blue
Tigerstar – AMBER
Hawkfrost – ICY blue

Tigerstar is O-U-T OUT he is VERY dead unless he is alive in a third resting place lol. with poor Spottedleaf. also we saw the imposter’s eyes they are dark blue. I kind want him to come back. but he is gone. for. good.

THE TERRIBLE CONCLUSION HAS COME TO ASHFUR it all fits it makes sense, Squirrelflight, the eyes, wanting a bit of revenge it all makes sense.

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