Cadvent 13

I am officially excited about the coming Holidays. But we’ve had no Hanukkah pictures this Cadvent, and Cadvent isn’t Cadvent without Hanukkah, so here is a short video to celebrate the season! 🌟

And here is a lovely picture of Crowfeather by Bramblefire. Lovely! ❤️

Mojocloud found this picture of a cat particularly close to my heart. Bagpuss, which I watched as a child. Such joy. (Note: The mouse organ song is just awesome)

But enough with nostalgia, let’s move forward. Riverfrost found this picture. Such warm glowy happiness. 💖

And finally, Jinx’s cat Jasper 💖 “My cat, Jasper, at two years old reaching for a light bulb on the tree.” Thanks, Jinx. Jasper is adorable 🥰

Thank you, all! See you again tomorrow! ☃️


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